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Le levier de débrayage 7 est monté pour coulisser longitudinalement par actionnement de la poignée 8 en déplaçant l'axe intermédiaire 5 porté par le levier de déhalage 2. Un verrou pivotant 9, monté dans une extrémité élargie d'une fente oblongue longitudinale 11 du levier 7, interdit le mouvement d ...

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Foaming compositions containing an alkylpolysaccharide surfactant and a sulfate, sulfonate andor carboxylate cosurfactant and processes for utilizing foams containing these compositions.

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A disposable diaper, which is preferably box-pleated, has cushioned elastic members (34 and 36) secured between the impervious backing sheet 12 and the absorbent pad (26) and is adapted to overcome leakage through the leg hole edges while cushioning so as to reduce the incidence of indentations or m ...

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An ultrasonic inhaler consists of a housing 1, a breathing mask 2 and a resonator head 4 adapted to receive inhalant from a collapsible container 5. The housing contains a frequency generator 3 which is connected to the head 4 by pin and socket connections 9, 15. The head 4 consists of a resonator 6 ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Polyolefinen durch Polymerisation von Olefinen der Formel CH2CHR mit R=H oder C1-10 Alkyl, allein oder in Mischung, ggf. mit C4-C12 [alpha],[omega] Diolefinen in Lösungsmitteln, flüssigen Monomeren oder der Gasphase bei Temperaturen zwischen - ...

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There is disclosed a low density, highly absorbent, thermal bonded, nonwoven fabric comprising absorbent fibers and staple length polyester/polyethylene conjugate fibers that is produced by the steps of: (a) producing a mixture of such fibers to produce a fibrous web; (b) subjecting said web to a te ...

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Penem compounds are of the formula: where R1 is H or 1-hydroxyethyl, wherein the -OH may be protected by a protecting group, e.g. alkoxycarbonyl, R2 is one of 21 aliphatic, aromatic or heterocyclic groups shown, and R3 is H or a protecting group for the -COO, e.g. alkyl. Preparative methods depend o ...

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Foaming compositions containing an alkylpolysaccharide surfactant and a sulfate, sulfonate and/or carboxylate cosurfactant with an amide and or amine oxide auxilliary foam booster.

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A communications system for a device 10 incorporates a conductor 26 extending along a locus near to the device 10, and a transmitter 52 arranged to transmit signals through the conductor 26. The system also includes a receiver 55 at the device 10, arranged to detect the signals by capacitive means. ...

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The door has a pair of hinge mountings 12, 13 on one edge and a latch mounting 15 on the opposite edge. The latch mounting is joined to each of the hinge mountings by a separate girder 16, 17. A vehicle equipped with such a door has corresponding structural members for the hinge and latch mountings ...