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A multi-channel optical sensing system for measuring temperature at a number of measuring points includes optical sensors, each of which modulates the incident light beam by light intensity modulation according to the temperature at each measuring point and returns the modulated light beam back to t ...

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Hydrocarbon liquids and/or gases are recovered from thick underground deposits of oil-bearing limestone or dolomite by drilling two or more boreholes from the earth's surface into the lower part of the deposit, establishing communication between the boreholes, burning the oil in said limestone or do ...

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A panel-type wall system wherein each panel has a pair of electrically connected power blocks disposed adjacent the lower corners thereof. The opposed power blocks of adjacent panels are electrically joined together by a flexible electrical connector which plugs into adjacent power blocks. The power ...

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The invention is to provide the methods for producing highly water-absorbable and water-retainable hydrogels having a large particle diameter together with a sufficient gel strength. The method is characterized by use of a specific dispersing agent in the water-in-oil type inverse phase suspension p ...

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A casing containing a strip of ferromagnetic material has a pair of ceramic magnets at each end thereof associated with one of each pair of magnetics is a ferromagnetic shoe member that provides an angled pole face that bears against the outside of the pipe. These components are contained within the ...

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An ultrasonic communication system capable of wireless installation and supervised operation is achieved by communicating each information bit as two distinct ultrasonic frequencies separated in frequency enough to assure that the signal strength of both transmissions will not be in a deep null at t ...

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This development is concerned with an improved process of preparing polycarbonate molding compositions and molded articles having superior hydrolysis resistance, stress crack resistance and flame retardancy, by thermoplastically processing a partially crosslinked aromatic polycarbonate. A crosslinka ...

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Alkene oxides are produced by the reaction of an organic hydroperoxide and an alkene in the presence of a catalyst of an inorganic oxygen compound of silicon in chemical combination with an oxide or hydroxide of titanium.

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A cling wrap plastic film comprising a mixture of high pressure-low density polyethylene (HPLDPE) and low pressure-low density polyethylene (LPLDPE), in which the LPLDPE is between about 5 and about 16 weight % of the LPLDPE plus HPLDPE total weight.

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A robot is disclosed having a plurality of movable links or members interconnected end-to-end in series. Associated with each is an actuator and position transducer. Some of the links are relatively massive and cannot be readily moved without power assistance when the robot is manually programmed, w ...