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Organic photochromic materials comprising a photochromic dye and a resinous material can be stabilized with a protective coating which will protect them from deactivation by exposure to moisture, oxygen, various plastic host materials, reactive chemicals or even normal atmospheric conditions. Useful ...

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Method for the determination of a component in a liquid which component is selected from ions, polar substances lipophilic substances, which comprises contacting a liquid sample containing said component with, and allowing same to act upon, a complex ligand or host molecule which is selective toward ...

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The channel selection apparatus of a tuning system includes a present channel number register, a temporary register, a saved channel number register and a control unit for selectively controlling the three registers to (a) interchange the contents of the present and saved channel number registers wh ...

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In apparatus for the reverse osmosis purification of water or other fluid in a module containing a membrane, the water is forced into the module under pressure using two piston-cylinder assemblies mechanically interconnected with the pressurized fluid from the module applied to the rear face of the ...

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A solar array positioning system includes first light sensor means facing the same direction as the solar array and second light sensor means facing the opposite direction. A third sensor, this one responsive to gravity, is employed to indicate the direction about a diurnal slew axis that the array ...

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An active auto focus system in which a beam of modulated energy is projected towards a subject to be focussed upon with the energy reflected therefrom directed towards a detector array. The detector array comprises a number of radiation responsive elements arranged in parallel rows and in a pattern ...

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A method of manufacturing LDD MOS FET RAM capable of delineating short (less than 1 micrometer) lightly doped drain regions. An N.sup.- implant is effected between gate electrodes and field oxide insulators, before the N.sup.+ implant. An insulator layer is then deposited also prior to N.sup.+ ion i ...

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A rubber closure device for closing the mouth of a vial or like vessel comprises an inner closure member having a leg portion adapted to tightly protrude into the mouth, and an overlay closure member overlaying the inner closure member. The inner closure member is made of fluorinated rubber and has ...

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A process and method for cementing adjacent to a subterranean gas containing zone. The cementing compositions comprise a hydraulic cement, aluminum powder ot generate hydrogen gas, and an inhibitor which retards the generation of hydrogen gas produced by the aluminum powder.

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A computer monitoring system connects into the channel (24), serving as a link between a CPU (10) and peripheral devices (12), (14), (16). Channel signals are extracted in a channel interface module (18), altered to be compatible with the logic in a data collection module (20) and sent to a data col ...