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Method and apparatus are provided for performing immunoassays employing a device comprising a relatively small test zone referred to as an immunosorbing zone, and a relatively large liquid absorbing zone in liquid receiving relationship with said immunosorbing zone. The immunosorbing zone includes a ...

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A method for determining the concentration of sugar in the presence of interfering foreign substances, particularly for determining glucose in a body fluid, by means of an electrocatalytic sugar sensor which has a measuring electrode in which the measuring electrode is alternatingly set potentiostat ...

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A self-contained wearable device for use by diabetics to provide an audible indication of the onset of insulin shock. The device utilizes a sensor positioned to sense the buildup of perspiration on the skin of the user and an annunciator to provide an audible warning when the amount of perspiration ...

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A baggage system which employs a fan-shaped x-ray beam which scans baggage on a conveyor belt and produces images of the contents of the baggage on a video monitor. The output of an x-ray source is collimated into a narrow linear beam. Objects to be scanned are exposed to this beam with successive s ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for high speed multiaccess data communication using guided wave components and angular division multiplexing for parallel optical signal transmission over a multimode optical fiber. A receiver at each station in the network comprises an optical coupler/demultiple ...

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A method for detecting apnea by sampling a voltage waveform representative of respiration at regular intervals and calculating the instantaneous voltage differences at alternate sample points, and comparing the magnitude of each difference voltage so calculated against a "threshold" value determined ...

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A cardiac pacemaker with a single catheter for insertion into a heart through the vascular system. An electrode system for the catheter including a stimulating electrode at the distal end of the catheter for positioning at the apex of the right ventricle, with the stimulating electrode connected to ...

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There is disclosed an electrode construction of the type including a terminal arrangement and support structure for said terminal arrangement, said support structure adapted for the transcutaneous application of the electrode to a patient. The support structure may be fabricated from a layer of foam ...

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There is provided a hybrid cable comprised of a plurality of optical fibers and metal conductors wound at a common lay angle. At least the metal conductors are sheathed by a fiber-reinforced resin and are prevented thereby from hockling.

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A gaming board for recording numbers, letters and/or other symbols which are selected at random during the game by the game operator is disclosed; the gaming board displays a symbolic array which has been predetermined and inputted by the game player prior to the start of the game and further provid ...