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A method and apparatus is disclosed for providing therapeutic occlusions of blood vessels and other body tubular structures using an inflatable balloon (11) mounted at the end of a catheter (15). The balloon (11) and catheter (15) are passed through a blood vessel (12) until the balloon (15) reaches ...

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A running shoe having an outer sole and a midsole. The midsole comprises a forefoot portion, an arch portion and a heel portion all formed of a resilient material having a first durometer sufficiently low to provide good cushioning and impact absorption. Rear foot stabilization means in the form of ...

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A freely pourable, substantially homogeneous shampoo composition with superior foaming properties and stability is disclosed.

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A gas and electrolyte permeable metal layer is bonded to an ion-permeable membrane by electroless deposition to produce a permeable metal deposit upon the membrane or diaphragm. Advantageously, the membrane surface to be coated is pretreated with an amphoteric material. Thereafter, the treated surfa ...

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An antiinflammatory steroid exhibiting a tendency to crystal growth in suspension in aerosol propellants is contacted with a halogenated hydrocarbon to form a crystalline solvate, which, after removal of some or all of the propellant from the crystals, is reduced to a particle size permitting inhala ...

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A sports running shoe constructed to minimize impact shock and to maximize lateral stability. The shoe's midsole is formed with a medial layer portion having one overall firmness, and a lateral layer portion having a lesser overall firmness.

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Antibiotic C-15003 PHO of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is H, hydroxyl, alkanoyloxy, alkenylcarbonyloxy or arylcarbonyloxy; R.sub.2 is H, hydroxyl or alkanoyloxy; R.sub.3 is H or alkanoyloxy is produced by introducing a hydroxyl group into 15-position of a maytansinoid compound, and, if desi ...

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An article carrier comprising a bottom, top and a pair of side walls interconnected to form a tubular carrier, end flaps foldably joined respectively to each end of said walls, web panels interconnecting the ends of adjacent end flaps, a pair of tear lines formed respectively in the adjacent end fla ...

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A membrane switch, which is vented to equalize air pressures within and outside the switch, includes a scavenger material in the vent passage selected to react with airborne contaminants and prevent or substantially reduce their passage into the area of the switch contacts.

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A method of protecting communications through encryption is disclosed which is particularly useful for multiplexed communications. On the transmit side, each message is multiplied by an enciphering key corresponding to its destination, and the products are all added together to form a cryptogram. Ea ...