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The combustible component of a gas stream of low heating value is combusted using less than a stoichiometric amount of oxygen with minor production of carbon monoxide due to the use of an oxygenation catalyst comprising at least three metals in a perovskite-type crystal structure. This combusted gas ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of skin disorders associated with disturbed keratinization or inflammation with one or more alpha or beta hydroxy-acids and alpha or beta ketoacids is disclosed. The alpha or beta hydroxyacids and alpha or beta ketoacids of this i ...

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A method and system for testing and sorting a production run of sheet-like batteries includes: testing each battery to obtain a first value of electrical energy; placing machine readable indicia on each battery corresponding to the first value; retesting each battery after passage of a period of tim ...

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Disilane (Si.sub.2 H.sub.6), trisilane (Si.sub.3 H.sub.8) or a higher order silane is applied in a glow discharge process to rapidly and efficiently form a film of hydrogenated amorphous silicon on a substrate. An inductively coupled RF glow discharge apparatus, a capacitively coupled glow discharge ...

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A reclosable container features ridges near the opening of the container to provide improved gripping of the container by the user during the opening and loading of the container.

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A pinball game has game play determined primarily by time rather than the number of ball plays. A specifiable amount of game play time is originally accorded to a given player. The game play time is reduced at an instantaneous rate which changes according to how actively he plays and scores. The mor ...

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A method for processing a digital color video signal formed of 8-bit words, includes the recording steps of converting each 8-bit word into a 10-bit word in accordance with a predetermined mapping function, grouping the 10-bit words into 48 word blocks, adding to each block an identification signal, ...

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A hanger and stinger assembly includes an expandable joint therebetween for the stinger to be telescoped with the hanger between extended and collapsed positions. An actuating spool for use in conjunction with a wireline tool mechanism is provided for hydraulically actuating the slips on the hanger ...

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A rotary drilling head for a rotary drilling apparatus including a hollow or tubular base including a discharge outlet and a lower end adapted to be mounted on a well casing, or the like, and a housing with a rotatable spindle therein insertable into the base in a sealed relationship with the spindl ...

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A multilayer analytical element for detecting a ligand in or the ligand binding capacity of a liquid sample of the type having a reagent layer(s) incorporating reagents which are responsive to the ligand in or the ligand binding capacity of the sample to give a detectable response, a radiation refle ...