Michel Wolfgang, Golly Helmut Dr, Braunisch Herbert Dr: Flat plate flexible heat exchanger element.. Hoechst, December 1, 1982: EP0065679-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Flat element (1) with a cavity through which flowable media can flow, which has an inlet for flowable media into the cavity and an outlet for these therefrom, the element consisting of two foil blanks which form its walls (2, 3), which are firmly connected to one another only in the region of their ...


Protective helmet and method for method for manufacture thereof. Orlite Eng, December 1, 1982: GB2098852-A (10 worldwide citation)

A protective helmet comprising a multiplicity of partially overlapping layers of reinforcing material arranged about a center and moulded into a helmet configuration.

Williams Errol Ray Jr: A capacitive transducer for providing precise angular position information.. Ibm, December 1, 1982: EP0065625-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

A capacitive transducer is provided which is capable of sensing precise angular positions. The transducer comprises a rotor (11) having at least one track of spaced conductive segments (19) and a stator (12) having at least one track of space conductive segments (16) respectively facing and spaced f ...

Harvey Edwin Dennis, Leng John Lindley, Parton Brian: Disperse azopyrimidine dyestuffs.. Ici, December 1, 1982: EP0065811-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Disperse azo pyrimidine dyes of the formula: wherein A is the residue of a diazo component from a number of defined classes; R and R are each independently hydrogen, optionally substituted alkyl, optionally substituted aralkyl or optionally substituted aryl, and R is optionally substituted alkyl, op ...



Meininger Fritz Dr, Hoyer Ernst Dr, Fass Rudolf: Water soluble disazo compounds, process for their preparation and their use as dyestuffs.. Hoechst, December 1, 1982: EP0065732-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Wasserlösliche Disazoverbindungen mit faserreaktiven Farbstoffeigenschaften der allgemeinen Formel (1) in welcher bedeuten: D1 und D2 sind gleich oder verschieden und jedes ist der Phenylrest oder der Napthylrest, die durch eine Gruppe des nachstehend definierten Formelrestes Y oder Formelrestes Z s ...

Guy Kenneth Theodore: Auxiliary power system for use with a gas turbine engine.. Lucas, December 1, 1982: EP0065855-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The power system includes an electric generator (21) driven through a gearbox (20) from a high pressure shaft (17) of a gas turbine engine (10). A valve (23) is responsive to engine intake pressure (P1) to bleed air from an intermediate compressor stage (15), when a predetermined altitude is exceede ...


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