Sonnerat Claude: Rotary seal between coaxial parts, with metallic mounting ring.. Roulements Soc Nouvelle, December 1, 1982: EP0065887-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

Secteur technique : Joint d'étanchéité tournant entre pièces coaxiales à armature métallique de montage. Caractéristique technique : Une garniture (3) à lèvres d'étanchéité (4, 5, 8) et disposée entre deux anneaux (2, 6) et une lèvre (8) solidaire de la garniture (3) fixée à l'un des anneaux (2 ou 6 ...

Light emitting diode array devices and image transfer systems. Purdy Haydn Victor, Mcintosh Ronald Campbell, December 1, 1982: GB2099221-A (15 worldwide citation)

A light emitting device comprises a substrate (12); a first chip (14) incorporating a high density of light-emitting diodes (16), e.g. at up to 1000/inch, arranged in a substantially linear array and with electrical contacts (18), preferably extending alternately to opposite sides of the row; and on ...


An attachment for a ladder. Kings Roger, December 1, 1982: GB2099060-A (15 worldwide citation)

An attachment for a ladder, to improve its stability, comprises two telescopic divergent legs 15 welded to a support element 13 which is clamped to a rung 14 of the ladder. The legs 15 are connected by a crossbar which, in one mode of use, bears against the strings of the ladder. A further telescopi ...

Porous aromatic polyimide membranes. Ube Industries, December 1, 1982: GB2098994-A (15 worldwide citation)

A porous membrane of an aromatic polyimide having an enhanced permeability of a gas or liquid is produced by (1) preparing a dope solution of 3 to 30% by wt. of an aromatic polyamic acid (made by polymerising at least one tetracarboxylic acid with at least one aromatic diamine) in a mixed solvent of ...

Laurent Jacques: Method of lining a passageway and tube for carrying it out.. Laurent Jacques, December 1, 1982: EP0065886-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

Method of lining a passageway (2), characterised in that a - a cylindrical tube (1) is made of a thermoplastic material with an elastic memory that can be activated above ambient temperature, having an external diameter at least equal to the internal diameter of the passageway to be lined; b - the t ...

Lawrence James Dorman: Constant bottom contact tool.. Lawrence James Dorman, December 1, 1982: EP0065601-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

A drill string (11) in a well bore (10) has a mandrel (13) extending longitudinally thereof adjacent the lower end (14) of the drill string with a drill bit (15) connected to the mandrel. Longitudinally extending helical groove means (20) are provided in the mandrel and roller means (21) are support ...

Uhrig Heinz, Weide Joachim, Deubel Reinhold Dr: Anionic compounds based on modified novolak-oxyalkylates, their preparation and their use as foam-free surface-active agents.. Hoechst, December 1, 1982: EP0065751-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft Novolak-oxalkylat-mischester, die Benzoyl- und/oder Naphthoylreste einerseits und Maleinsäure- und/oder Sulfobernsteinsäure-halbestergruppen andererseits enthalten. Sie werden erhalten durch Umsetzung von Novolak-Oxalkylaten mit Benzoesäure und/oder Naphthoesäure bzw. ihrem An ...

Sustained release pharmaceutical composition. Wyeth John & Brother, December 1, 1982: GB2098867-A (14 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a sustained release pharmaceutical composition comprising a mixture of micronised indoramin or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, a water-channelling agent and a wetting agent, the mixture being in the form of a non-compressed pellet and having an enteric coat or a su ...


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