Harmand Jean Paul: Locker system controlled by a microprocessor.. Harmand Jean Paul, Gouin Jean Louis, Canino Andre, December 1, 1982: EP0065605-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

1. Racking device comprising a plurality of lockers (1) arranged over several columns, each column comprising several superimposed lockers, a control unit comprising a micro-processor connected via an electronic entry/exit system to the opening and closing locks for the lockers by electrical control ...

Yoldas Bulent Erturk: Method of producing ceramic-forming metal hydroxide and oxide powders.. Westinghouse Electric, December 1, 1982: EP0065863-A2 (18 worldwide citation)

Method of producing ceramic-forming oxide powders with variable and predetermined sintering characteristics such as MgO, BaO, Ta2O5, ZnO, CeO, SnO, CaO, Cr2O3, CoO, As2O3, Sb2O3, ZrO2, TiO2, ThO2, Y2O3, SiO2, UO2, Al2O3, and TiO2. There is a relationship between sintering rate of oxide powders produ ...

Barme Michel: Stabilizing agents for live viruses for the preparation of vaccines, and stabilized vaccines containing these stabilizing agents.. Pasteur Institut, December 1, 1982: EP0065905-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

Agent stabilisant de vaccins contenant des virus atténués vivants et vaccins stabilisés contenant lesdits agents de stabilisation. L'agent stabilisant est constituée par une solution tampon phosphate (PBS) contenant des ions calcium et magnésium, laquelle contient en outre du lactose, du sorbitol et ...

Chiang John Paichun, Illingworth Asmus Barbara Lee, Sternberg Moshe M: Method for the preparation of a protein hydrolyzate from whey protein.. Miles Lab, December 1, 1982: EP0065663-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a process for the preparation of a protein hydrolyzate suitable for use in an enteric diet. The method involves the enzymatic hydrolysis of whey protein (particularly lactalbumin) using foodgrade fungal protease produced by an organism of the species Aspergillus oryzae.

A system and a method for detecting the position of an object. Atomic Energy Authority, December 1, 1982: GB2099255-A (18 worldwide citation)

The position of an object 12 e.g. a manipulator, in an enclosure 10 is detected by two video cameras 14, 16 from which signals representative of images in the cameras 14, 16 are supplied to a mini-computer (30). The mini- computer (30) scans the signals to detect the position of the object 12 in the ...


Wehner Wolfgang Dr, Wirth Hermann O Dr: Chlorine-containing thermoplastic polymers stabilised with amino uracils.. Ciba-Geigy, December 1, 1982: EP0065934-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

1. A thermoplastic moulding composition based on a vinyl chloride polymer, which composition contains 0.1 to 5% by weight of an aminouracil of the formula see diagramm : EP0065934,P6,F2 wherein R**1 is hydrogen and R**2 and R**3 are C2 -C4 alkyl.

Invernizzi Renzo, Ligorati Ferdinando, Fontanesi Maurizio, Catenacci Roberto: Improvements in supported catalysts for the polymerization of ethylene.. Euteco Impianti, December 1, 1982: EP0065700-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of a catalyst which is highly active in the polymerization of gaseous ethylene is described the process comprising the steps of spray drying an ethanolic solution of MgCl2 to obtain MgCl2 particles of from 3 to 100 microns in size and with a residual alcoholic OH-groups ...



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