Topical pharmaceutical compositions. Sandoz, December 1, 1982: GB2098865-A (71 worldwide citation)

A skin penetration pharmaceutical composition incorporating a difficultly skin-penetrable pharmacologically active agent, wherein the composition is in the form of a microemulsion formed from skin compatible excipients.

Apparatus for dispensing liquid soap. Minnetonka, December 1, 1982: GB2098958-A (50 worldwide citation)

A container 10 for dispensing personal care or household items, especially liquid soap, is disclosed. The container includes a hook-shaped cap 14 fastenable at either end of a resilient bottle 12 so that it functions to aid storage and dispensing. The bottle may be fitted with a valve cap 30 which i ...



Burton John Hanley, Staehle Bradford George, Kuyava Charles Chester: American Med Syst, December 1, 1982: EP0065853-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

A surgically implantable prosthesis for the treatment of penile erectile impotence in male patients. The device comprises at least one elongated cylinder implanted within one of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. The flexible, distal end of the cylinder is adapted to rigidize upon being filled with ...


Superior high sodium and calcium sol gel abrasive. Kennecott, December 1, 1982: GB2099012-A (24 worldwide citation)

A process for forming an abrasive grain from a sol gel which contains aluminium oxide monohydrate, a dissolved metal containing sintering aid and from above about .05 to about 1.8 weight percent sodium plus calcium, provided that the weight percent calcium is from 0 to about 1.8 and the weight perce ...


Gas flow control apparatus. Stelrad Group, December 1, 1982: GB2099158-A (21 worldwide citation)

In a gas-fired domestic hot water boiler or other apparatus having a double-solenoid series gas valve comprising a pair of individually operable solenoid valves 1, 2 in series with a relatively small gas volume 27 between them a pressure transducer 29 positioned between the stop valves is connected ...


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