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A system, consisting of a plurality of Remote Monitoring Units and a Central Computer, for automatically monitoring the selection of a Program Source made by a Subscriber. Each Remote Monitoring Unit has a microprocessor, associated Program and Data Memory, and Control and Interface circuitry. Each ...

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An electro-mechanical automatic transmission system for use in motor vehicles. The automatic transmission comprises a mechanical transmission, gear synchronizer and clutch which have been automated by the addition of electro-mechanical and pneumatic operators and an analog and digital electronic con ...

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An externally generated myriametric frequency magnetic carrier signal is resonantly reflected by a tuned coil in an implant. The lagging phase angle of the reflected signal is modulated at very low power by varying the impedance across the tuned coil in accordance with a data input signal. An extern ...

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An automated transportation system for vehicular travel along a roadway is presented. The roadway can be any hard surface that contains an embedded metallic guiderail along its center. A proximity transducer (metal detector) installed under the vehicle, senses the metallic guiderail and sends steeri ...

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A billing recorder for providing a record of customer usage of electricity has a controller which may include a microprocessor for receiving and processing pulses from an electric meter. Data from one or more input channels is temporarily stored in random access memory by the controller in data word ...

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A security terminal for use with a two-way interactive cable system. The security terminal develops alarm and supervisory signals, and controls their transmission over the cable when polled by a central station. The terminal discriminates between four different types of alarm condition (burglary, fi ...

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A collation/finishing system is disclosed for use with a very high speed, fully automated reproduction machine having a document handling apparatus, copy sheet processor, and a finishing station. In this arrangement, a sorter bin array is arranged to receive copy sheets on one side and to collate th ...

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A teletext system for broadcast of pages of magazines to be displayed on television receiver screen. A subscriber entitled to receive a magazine can select a desired page thereof by actuating a keyboard to transmit 8-bit words belonging to two groups: first properly said character words and second f ...

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A test device for determining a characteristic of a sample, particularly for determining substances in fluid samples. The device comprises a strip element which is composed of a material capable of transporting a developing fluid therealong by capillarity and which has a portion at a predetermined l ...

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Novel demethylmaytansinoids representable by the formula: ##STR1## (wherein X is Cl or H; R.sub.1 is H or acyl group) are produced from maytansinoids by means of enzymic transformation. The demethylmaytansinoids are useful as antifungal, antiprotozoal or antitumor agents.