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Method and compositions for infectious disease diagnosis and epidemiology involving labeled nucleotide probes complementary to nucleic acid coding for a characteristic pathogen product. Clinical isolates are cultivated, expanding the number of microorganisms, the resulting colonies lysed, the genome ...

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An improved polymer for use as an ion exchange membrane in an electrolytic cell wherein the polymer has pendant chains containing sulfonic acid ion exchange groups and has an equivalent weight of between about 800 and about 1500. The polymers have a hydration product of less than about 22,000.

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A method and apparatus for providing access to an electrically controlled service for perdetermined periods of time employs a dual magnetically striped record medium encoded in a CRB format with data indicative of the periods of time during which access is to be provided. The data is read by a reade ...

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X-ray apparatus for angiography has a support member which is rotatable about a vertical axis and a U-shaped arm mounted on the support for rotating about a horizontal axis. A radially movable carriage with an x-ray source mounted on it is mounted at one end of the U-arm. Carriages which are movable ...

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An exerciser is disclosed, of the type providing automatically controlled variations of effort levels, wherein "random" variations of effort level are included which are not predictable by the operator. The effort levels [steps] are provided in a sequence of four: the second [step] level is random; ...

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A double redundant processor including first and second master processors for processing data, control and address signals in a data processing system. The first master processor is in an active state for processing the signals and the second master processor is in a standby state for processing the ...

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An interconnected assembly of an array of high frequency coaxial connectors includes a pair of mounting plates having opposed mating coaxial electrical connectors mounted therein. The opposed connectors are configured such that a redundant or dual electrical connection is established when one connec ...

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A system that intelligently abstracts and archives a document for storage and interprets a free form user retrieval query to recall the document from the storage file. The system includes a method for automatically selecting keywords from the document using a parts of a speech directory. A method is ...

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An adaptive-predictive control system for controlling single-input, single-output or multivariable time-variant processes with known or unknown parameters and with or without time delay, is disclosed. The adaptive-predictive control system of the present invention uses an adaptive-predictive model t ...

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A method of and an arrangement for slicing data in the form of a bi-amplitude data pulse signal comprising a sequence of clock pulses followed by a sequence of data pulses. The absolute mean amplitude of the sequence of clock pulses is used as the slicing level for the sequence of data pulses. As sh ...