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An organic electroluminescent cell is disclosed comprising a luminescent zone between two electrodes, wherein a hole-injecting zone comprising a porphyrinic compound is disposed between the luminescent zone and the anode electrode.

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The relative specificity of the enzyme galactose oxidase for various substrates is controlled as a function of the electrical potential applied to the enzyme. The enzyme is incorporated into a thin layer electrochemical cell laminate having exterior membrane layers and an interior enzyme layer. An e ...

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A television receiver incorporating telephone interface circuitry permitting the viewer to not only answer incoming calls but also place outgoing calls by means of the television receiver is disclosed. An infrared link is used for remote control telephone answering and dial-out with a tuner-integrat ...

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Antigenic polysaccharides are modified to generate a terminally-located aldehyde group by controlled oxidation of vicinal hydroxyl groups, e.g. of unlinked terminal non-reducing sialic acid residues. In some cases where there is a reducing end group, e.g. of the type N-acetylmannosamine residue, it ...

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A method and apparatus are provided by which bag forming material is obtained by feeding sheet material (2) together with male and female closure elements (5, 6) to a nip between guide roller (3) and pressure rollers (9, 10) at which adhesive is applied from nozzles (11, 12). The resulting material ...

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The denomination indicia contiguous with the Treasury seal on United States paper money can be located. Apparatus includes means for transporting the documents lengthwise along a course. Two reproduce heads, each having a like plurality of tracks oriented along a line substantially perpendicular to ...

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Novel cardiovascular prosthetic devices or implants having many useful cardiovascular applications comprise a porous surface and a network of interconnected interstitial pores below the surface in fluid flow communication with the surface pores. Tissue forms a smooth thin adherent coating of self-de ...

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The system contains a number of monitoring devices, such as bedside units for monitoring parameters of patients, and a central station in star connection. Each monitoring device contains a signal generator and a display device for the display of monitored parameters. The central station contains a c ...

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A second order digital filter utilizing six processor operations, two add instructions, two shift instructions and two store instructions. No multipliers are required. The filter is used as a digital filter in a servo loop having a Z transform of, G(Z)=4 (1-Z.sup.-1)+Z.sup.-2.

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A multi-band microstrip antenna comprising a plurality of separate radiat elements which operate at widely separated frequencies from a single common input point. The common input point is fed at all the desired frequencies from a single transmission feed line. A variety of combinations of microstri ...