Michael V Sefton: Encapsulation of live animal cells. Fleit & Jacobson, October 12, 1982: US04353888 (363 worldwide citation)

Viable mammalian cells are encapsulated in a polymeric membrane to form microencapsulated beads ready for introduction into a host body. The polymeric membrane allows passage therethrough of cell substrates and secretions, but prevents passage of larger molecules such as proteinaceous antibodies. In ...

Eric R Cosman: Longitudinally, side-biting, bipolar coagulating, surgical instrument. Richard J Birch, October 12, 1982: US04353371 (332 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a new kind of bipolar coagulating instrument which has special application in certain microsurgical or neurosurgical contexts in which one must grip and coagulate a web of tissue or membrane which is inside a deep surgical hole, and where the web hangs from the side wall of ...

Gerald B Hoekstra, David R Christian: In situ retorting of oil shale. Standard Oil Company, Gulf Oil Corporation, Thomas W Tolpin, William T McClain, William H Magidson, October 12, 1982: US04353418 (254 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a method and apparatus for the in situ retorting of oil shale and purification products comprising establishing an underground in situ retort containing a mass of rubblized matter comprising oil shale and establishing a flame front within the rubblized matter. Oxygen containing gas com ...

George E Ayer: Medical cable set and electrode therefor. Bunker Ramo Corporation, Nicholas A Camasto, John R Hoffman, October 12, 1982: US04353372 (235 worldwide citation)

A pair of ECG cable sets are adhesively secured to disposable body electrodes, and also plug into a junction box which in turn is connected to an ECG machine. Each cable set is formed by printed circuit techniques. A pair of flat support sheets of insulating material are glued together. Signal leads ...

John W Wright: Wide dynamic range control amplifier with offset correction. National Semiconductor Corporation, Gail W Woodward, James A Sheridan, Neil B Schulte, October 12, 1982: US04354162 (160 worldwide citation)

A unity gain amplifier circuit has a control characteristic which permits a variation of the high frequency roll off as a function of a control voltage. Means are provided to prevent a change of output voltage resulting from the control voltage variation.

Shigeki Yamada, Takao Yamamoto: Composition and test piece for measuring glucose concentration in body fluids. Kabushiki Kaisha Kyoto Daiichi Kagaku, Darby & Darby, October 12, 1982: US04353984 (138 worldwide citation)

A composition and test piece or dipstick for measuring the glucose concentration in body fluids such as urine, spinal fluid and blood. The composition includes a glucose oxidase, a peroxidase a N,N'-tetramethyldiaminophenylmethane and guaiac.

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A television system with access control comprises a transmitter and receis. The transmitter comprises a video signal and sound signal formation circuit, means for transmitting these signals and a jamming circuit using a service key. Each receiver comprises means for receiving the transmitted signals ...

Petr Slovak, Hana Becvarova, Milan Ruml, Jiri Kracik: Device for hemodialysis. Ceske vysoke uceni technicke, October 12, 1982: US04353368 (126 worldwide citation)

A device for hemodialysis provided with: an artery needle, a set of hoses with a bubble trap, a blood pump, a hemodialyzer, a venous needle, a container of a dialyzing solution, a conduit for the dialyzing solution, a unit of sensors for measuring the temperature, conductivity, and pressure of the d ...

William Pepper Jr: Touch panel system and method. Peptek Incorporated, Jim Zegeer, October 12, 1982: US04353552 (118 worldwide citation)

A general method is disclosed for accurately determining the location or position of a source or sink of electric current on the surface of a resistance element or impedance layer. Touch panels are described that detect the presence of a user's finger on such surface, and produce output signals corr ...

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An electrically heated hair curling iron includes a sheet-shaped heater with electrodes affixed to an electrically resistive layer, wrapped around an elongated cylindrical support, and capable of being rapidly heated and maintained hot by electric current available from a rechargeable storage batter ...