Franklin Lim: Encapsulation of biological material. Damon Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, October 5, 1982: US04352883 (494 worldwide citation)

A core material such as living tissue, individual cells, hormones, enzymes or antibodies is encapsulated in a semipermeable membrane that is permeable to small molecules for contact with the core material but is impermeable to potentially deleterious large molecules. Encapsulation may be carried out ...

Kenneth J Dormer, Gordon L Richard: Magnetic transcutaneous mount for external device of an associated implant. Baptist Medical Center of Oklahoma, E Harrison Gilbert III, October 5, 1982: US04352960 (373 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a transcutaneous coupling apparatus comprising a first member subcutaneously positioned in a user of the invention and also comprising a second member positioned supercutaneously, or outside the skin of the user. Rare-earth magnets are associated with the first and second members to mag ...

Thomas A Stamm: Battery operated access control card. Honeywell, Trevor B Joike, October 5, 1982: US04353064 (260 worldwide citation)

An access control card for use in an access control system. A battery, a wireless signal sensor such as an antenna for receiving coded wireless signals such as coded radio frequency signals generated by a card reader, a clock connected to the battery and including a receiver are connected to the ant ...

Constantine Tsikos: Capacitive fingerprint sensor. Siemens Corporation, Karl F Milde Jr, October 5, 1982: US04353056 (251 worldwide citation)

The sensor incorporates a sensing member which has a sensing surface for receiving a fingerprint and sensing means for sensing the ridges and valleys of the skin of the finger under investigation. The sensing member contains a multitude of small capacitors. When the finger is pressed against the sen ...

Jean P Angelchik: Apparatus for effecting anastomotic procedures. William H Drummond, October 5, 1982: US04352358 (192 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for effecting anastomotic procedures. A deformable annular member has two operative modes, a deformed mode in which the member is shaped to be inserted through an opening in the wall of a hollow body member and a normal mode in which the member is retained within and around the ...

Tsuyoshi Ishida: Apparatus for discriminating sheets. Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, Cushman Darby & Cushman, October 5, 1982: US04352988 (161 worldwide citation)

A sheet discriminating apparatus comprises, in addition to a first detecting system for detecting light transmitted through a sheet and a second detecting system for detecting light reflected by the front surface of the sheet, a third detecting system for detecting light reflected by the rear surfac ...

David C Gertz, Owen S Denman: Shear action and compression energy absorber. Energy Absorption Systems, Hume Clement Brinks Willian & Olds, October 5, 1982: US04352484 (127 worldwide citation)

An energy absorbing apparatus is provided to dissipate the energy of the impact force of a vehicle. A plurality of energy absorbing sheets are arranged in a stacked relation to resist the impact force and to thereby dissipate the energy of the force. Each sheet has a honeycomb structure of hexagonal ...

Irwin Wieder, Robert H Wollenberg: Species-linked diamine triacetic acids and their chelates. Analytical Radiation Corporation, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, October 5, 1982: US04352751 (116 worldwide citation)

Species-linked diamine triacetic acids of the formula ##STR1## wherein T is an organic species containing at least one amine, hydroxyl, or thiol functional group, L is the residue of at least one of those functional groups and R is a two or more atom long covalent bridge, are disclosed. Methods for ...

Toshihide Nakashima, Masao Tanihara, Koichi Takakura: Carrier having acrylate copolymer coating for immobilization of bioactive materials. Kuraray, Barry Kramer, October 5, 1982: US04352884 (111 worldwide citation)

Carriers coated with a copolymer of a hydrophilic acrylate or methacrylate monomer and a copolymerizable unsaturated carboxylic acid or unsaturated amine are provided which are substantially free from nonspecific adsorption of proteins and the like. Due to the side-chain carboxyl or amino groups of ...

Pieter den Toonder, Pieter J Fondse: Coding and decoding system for video and audio signals. Oak, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, October 5, 1982: US04353088 (108 worldwide citation)

A coding and decoding system for video signals includes means at the transmitter for applying sine wave amplitude modulation of approximate line frequency to the aural carrier to prevent the chrominance subcarrier from providing receiver synchronization.

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