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An implantable drug delivery device comprising a matrix formed of a poly-.alpha.-amino acid component having one or more drugs and/or diagnostic agents physically contained therein. The drug or diagnostic agent is released through one or both of two mechanisms: diffusion and biodegration which resul ...

Gerald M Fields, Robert G Metzner: Hybrid car with electric and heat engine. Hybricon, Lyon & Lyon, September 28, 1982: US04351405 (205 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for economical travel and minimization of atmospheric degradation by internal combustion exhaust products. A car which has, in combination, a heat engine driving a set of front wheels, storage batteries and an electric motor driving a set of rear wheels. There is also a system for selec ...


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Coated Prosthetic devices useful in the medical and dental fields, such as dental implants, intramedullary nails, and total hip prostheses, are provided having a porosity or density gradient in the sintered plastic coating. The higher porosity is at the outer surface which facilitates bone ingrowth ...

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A high speed multiple section, computed-tomographic x-ray scanner is provided. The scanner utilizes a multiple-anode, scanning electron beam x-ray source to provide high speed scanning of sections of the body. No mechanical motion is involved.

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The invention relates to the design of earth bore-hole drill bits embodying shaped preformed cutters containing hard abrasive materials, such as diamonds, the cutters being mounted in companion preformed sockets in the hard metal bit matrix. The extent of penetration of the preformed cutters into th ...

Eugene N Scarberry: Emergency internal defibrillation. Carwell & Helmreich, September 28, 1982: US04351330 (122 worldwide citation)

An emergency resuscitation and defibrillation apparatus is provided by an endotracheal tube having a tracheal obturator and a second expandable cuff for sealing against the pharyngeal tissues to provide an alternate sealing means for respiratory fluids if the blind intubation is not successful. A la ...

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A battery analyzer for testing industrial batteries under a constant current load. The analyzer includes a load bank consisting of a plurality of resistors in selective parallel interconnection. The load bank is placed across the battery terminals. Sensors are connected to each of the cells of the b ...

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A display device for feeding a column of objects forwardly on a shelf as the forwardmost objects are removed. The device comprises a bracket adapted to be secured to the front of the shelf and a flexible belt wrapped around a roller rotatably mounted within the bracket. Preferably, a low friction su ...

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A universe of probes is contained within a platen in a spaced-apart, substantially parallel relationship with one another with their tips pointing in the same direction. Each probe is free to move longitudinally between an advanced or test position and a retracted position. The platen nests into a w ...