Francis C Usher: Method of hernia repair. Fulbright & Jaworski, September 7, 1982: US04347847 (290 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a continuously knitted tubular surgical mesh of monofilament threads free of water-leachable irritant impurities and physiologically inert even in the presence of infection, the threads being unattached at their points of crossing each other. Also disclosed are methods of using the surg ...

Craven H Kurz: Vibrational orthodontic appliance. Keith D Beecher, September 7, 1982: US04348178 (205 worldwide citation)

An orthodontic appliance is provided which consists of a tooth positioner mouth piece which contains impressions of the upper and lower teeth of a patient in corrected positions, and an electric motor mounted on the extra oral bow of a usual orthodontic headgear, and mechanically coupled to the mout ...

Galen C Beier: Television viewing control device. G Brian Pingel, September 7, 1982: US04348696 (183 worldwide citation)

A television viewing control device for recording the viewing time of one or more viewers watching a controlled television set and turning the television set off when a predetermined viewing time limit of any one of the viewers is exceeded. The viewing control device includes a random access memory ...

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In the field of security validators, slot acceptors have been known which transport paper offered as a valid security past a testing station. Previously known acceptors have been susceptible to defeat by mosaics, stringing, shocking, photocopy duplication, and the like. Additionally, known acceptors ...

Arthur D Wood: Fin-stabilized container of foldable sheet material. Canadian Patents & Development, Ronald G Bitner, September 7, 1982: US04347686 (177 worldwide citation)

A fin-stabilized container formed from foldable sheet material, particularly suited for aerial planting of seeds or seedlings. A cone or pyramid of sheet material is folded so as to form three or more fins at the trailing end and closure means for a container cavity at the forward end.

Richard L Asmuth: Method of providing virtual private network telephone service. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, J W Herndon, September 7, 1982: US04348554 (170 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for providing private network types of telephone services via the public switched network without having it provide private hardware facilities. The method is described with respect to a telephone system comprising plural telephone stations and offices, a data base, and a data ...

James K Baker, Janet M Baker: Parallel pattern verifier with dynamic time warping. International Business Machines Corporation, Yen S Yee, September 7, 1982: US04348553 (164 worldwide citation)

A speech recognition system is disclosed which employs a network of elementary local decision modules for matching an observed time-varying speech pattern against all possible time warpings of the stored prototype patterns. For each elementary speech segment, an elementary recognizer provides a scor ...

Richard H Jundanian: Vital signs monitor. Norman S Blodgett, Gerry A Blodgett, Blodgett & Blodgett, September 7, 1982: US04347851 (154 worldwide citation)

A vital signs monitor which includes a sensor which is applied to the main artery of a patient for detecting the heart beat and blood pressure and producing electrical pulses in waveform. A computer is connected to the sensor for receiving the waveform pulses, converting the waveform pulses into dig ...

Jack K Mayfield: Hook inserter device. Williamson Bains Moore & Hansen, September 7, 1982: US04347845 (138 worldwide citation)

A hook inserter device is used for positioning a distraction hook for spinal distraction systems in the treatment of spinal deformities and fractures. The hook inserter device comprises an elongate bar including a handle portion and a hook mounting portion, the latter being of reduced cross-sectiona ...

Louis S Glesser: Pocket knife. Roger A Marrs, September 7, 1982: US04347665 (130 worldwide citation)

A pocket knife is disclosed herein having a body including a pair of side portions separated by a spacer so as to define a storage cavity for a knife blade. The blade is pivotally carried by its end from a selected end of the body between a stored position and an open or operative position. A releas ...