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A portable power tool includes an elongate body portion and a head portion at one end which includes an implement holding chuck. The head portion may be pivotally displaced with respect to the body portion. This is accomplished by the use of a swivelable joint of the ball and socket type between the ...

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A demand access broadcast transmission method and means is capable of supporting random port access and any-to-any transmission at very high data rates. A communication medium (FIG. 2) formed from an inverted tree network of nodes (1, 18, 22) and full duplex connecting links (13, 17, 19) permits the ...

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An integral mandrel connector for co-axial cable. The connector has two major assemblies which telescope together and grip the prepared end of the cable. Elements of the connector tighten on the cable jacket and grip the cable center conductor, all simultaneously, when the two threaded assemblies ar ...

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A shaped mass resorbable in the body, comprises collagen and a bioresorbable binding agent for collagen, the binding agent being selected, e.g., from polymers of C.sub.2-16 .alpha.-hydroxyalkanoic acids, polymers of natural amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen or hydrolyzed elastin.

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Equipment for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in which a solution container is coupled via flexible tubing to a patient's tube that communicates with the patient's peritoneal cavity by means of a catheter, usually a surgically implanted catheter. The equipment includes a flexible, foldable ...

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A system for providing remote locations with processed data relating to weather conditions or the like. A transmitter adapted to receive complex, real-time radar data, including azimuth, range and elevation from the National Weather Bureau (NWB) radar network is used to process the data into a four- ...

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A charging system is provided for a battery or batteries located within a motor vehicle. In one form, induction energy generating means is disposed within or adjacent to the floor of a garage or a driveway on which a motor vehicle may be parked and retained for a period of time. Induction energy rec ...

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The present invention is an improved array of electrodes for use in delivering electromagnetic energy to a localized area of a patient's body in a hyperthermic treatment so that it provides a uniform distribution of electromagnetic flux lines within the localized area of the patient's body in order ...

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An address control system for software simulation in a virtual machine system having a virtual storage function. When a simulator program is simulating an instruction of a program to be simulated, an address translation of an operand address in the program to be simulated is achieved using a transla ...

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A method of preparing an inflatable pad for a face mask in which a former (3) is coated with a curable composition which is cured to provide an elastic air-impermeable sheath (4) of rubber or like polymer which does not adhere to the former, thereby defining an inflation chamber. The former comprise ...