Registration of sheet material workpieces and cutting dies therefor. Samco Strong, August 18, 1982: GB2092501-A (73 worldwide citation)

A method of locating a sheet material workpiece W and a cutting die D therefor in registration with each other. Either an image of the die is projected on to the workpiece and the die located on the image or an image of the workpiece is projected on to a conveyor 12, the workpiece is positioned on t ...


Method of producing aluminium housings. Rose Elektrotech, August 18, 1982: GB2092500-A (67 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method of producing aluminium housings, in which formed components of the housing are subjected to heat treatment, affixed with adhesive and given a finished coating of resin. The invention proposes the selection of materials, adhesives and resins which enable final assembly ...

A tool for use in exchanging bearing bushes in mountings. Ver Flugtechnische Werke, August 18, 1982: GB2092499-A (67 worldwide citation)

A tool for use in exchanging bearing bushes in mountings comprises a device for peening bearing bushes (130) in the form of a portable hand tool having a casing block (110) with exchangeable inserts (120) carrying press dies (117) and counter elements (118) of the same size and a hydraulic actuating ...

Juncker David F, Williams Terrell M: Implantable medical lead.. Medtronic, August 18, 1982: EP0057877-A1 (64 worldwide citation)

Body implantable lead (10) having a polymer-based gel DCD (Differential Current Density) electrode (15)

Modifying a machine for playing a game of skill and/or chance which includes a computer. Interplay Electronics, August 18, 1982: GB2092796-A (57 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed of modifying game characteristics of a machine (1) for playing a game of skill and/or chance which includes a computer. The method comprises feeding data from another computer (5), in which is stored data relating to a game, the method being such that the machine stores data wh ...

Rear-view mirror device for vehicles. Hagiri Yoshikazu, August 18, 1982: GB2092534-A (49 worldwide citation)

A rear-view mirror for vehicles comprises a plane reflective face 13a and a convex reflective face 13b contiguous to and at an angle with 13a. A further convex face 13c may also be provided. Faces 13b, 13c increase the field of view provided by the mirror.

Baltes Eugene, de Lannoy Jean, Rodriguez Ludovic: 2-(4-(diphenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl)-acetic acids and their amides, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions.. Ucb, August 18, 1982: EP0058146-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

Ces composés répondent à la formule dans laquelle Y = -OH ou -NH2; X et X' = hydrogène, halogène, alkoxy ou trifluorométhyle; m = 1 ou 2 et n = 1 ou 2. Les amides d'acides 2-[4-(diphénylméthyl)-1-pipérazinyl]-acétiques sont préparés soit par réaction d'une 1-(diphénylméthyl)-pipérazine avec un oméga ...

Gaggero Attilio: Preformed liner structure, particularly for passenger car roofs.. Fiat Auto, August 18, 1982: EP0057886-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

The liner structure (R), being of the moulded self-supporting type, is made of a material selected from a group which includes mats and bats mixed with heat setting resins, foamed polyurethane, wood fibers mixed with heat setting resins, cell polypropylene, and mouldable cardboard, and incorporates ...

Entertainment machines. Barcrest, August 18, 1982: GB2092797-A (41 worldwide citation)

A coin-operated entertainment machine, which may be of the fruit machine kind, has a number of display regions at which are produced, at the end of a game, a combination of fixed visual displays (A, B, C), the aim being for a player to try to obtain a winning such combination. At the end of a game a ...