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A protective helmet for providing protection against impact to a wearer's head. The helmet includes a helmet shell and an apparatus or component which provides for sizing and energy absorbing capabilities. This component is made of a mesh tube with loose beads of an energy absorbing material stuffed ...

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An interconnect system is disclosed which enables the interconnection of a plurality of modules, each terminating a different cable, in a single connector. Each module can be used to terminate an individual cable and an assembly of modules are secured together in a single interconnect housing. Thus ...

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A four-port digital complex multiplier useful for FFT butterfly arithmetic units and in which ROM's are employed as square function look-up tables. Each of the four ports is responsive to a respective one of the component values of two complex numbers. The square-function look-up memories are respon ...

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An improved ultrasonic machining method and apparatus wherein the vibratory oscillations applied to an ultrasonic machining tool and transmitted to the machining region are periodically interrupted so that they are applied and transmitted in the form of a series of time-spaced bursts.

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A wireless microphone which does not require a separate antenna. A wireless microphone in the form of an elongate housing of nonelectrical conducting material with a microphone unit mounted in one end of the housing and a battery and control switch mounted in the other end of the housing. A first el ...

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Decimation non-recursive digital linear phase FIR filter having a length N and a decimation factor q, comprising a first and a second digital delay line, both consisting of a cascade arrangement of a number of auxiliary delay lines each having a time delay qT. An individual distribution line is conn ...

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A currency dispensing apparatus has a plurality of customer receipt openings to which an ordered number of banknotes can be sent from a store of banknotes in response to an order signal. The banknotes are dispensed to a collector station through a first feed mechanism in response to the transmitted ...

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An electrical resistance water heating device, particularly intended for use in coffee or other beverage preparation machines, includes a solid metal heating plate having planar upper and lower surfaces. A fluid throughflow duct is formed between the upper and lower surfaces and includes at least tw ...

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A method of joining two metal members to a graphite member to form a structure having a low transition resistance is described. The method includes the steps of providing a plurality of openings in the graphite member, interposing the graphite member between the two metal members and positioning the ...

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Circulation of blood to a patient's leg and return of blood from the leg to the heart are enhanced by supplying intermittent external pressure pulses to the leg, timed so that the pressure pulse follows close upon the arrival of the arterial pulse at the upper end of the leg, and reinforces the acti ...