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A method and apparatus for cleaning openings in a borehole casing, slotted liner, screen or the like, cleaning subsurface earth formations and/or stimulating the flow of fluids through subsurface earth formations surrounding a borehole in which a plasma is generated adjacent the area to be treated b ...

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This invention relates to a solar radiation reflector which can be fabricated from readily available, relatively low-cost materials with a minimum of effort and materials. The reflector consists essentially of a laminate of (A) at least one reflective metal foil layer possessing a weather-resistant ...

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Filtration system configurations particularly useful for cleaning high temperature raw gas containing fine particulates such as that discharged from coal gasification and fluidized bed combustion processes. Thin filter elements, having elongated clean channels on one side of a gas permeable ceramic ...

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A drive mechanism for revolving the turret of a searchlight assembly. The turret is rotated in an oscillating manner over an arc of less than 360.degree.. It is particularly characterized by smooth reversal allowing the driving of a high inertia turret without rapid motor overload and failure as cha ...

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Heavy Metals contained in industrial waste streams are removed therefrom by flocculation using a source of ferric ions and an alkaline material at a basic pH. Both the flocculated heavy metals and the coagulant chemicals are recovered by acidifying the floc to a pH of between 3.2 and 3.7. This liber ...

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A packaging material which is capable of packaging an article(s) in a closely fitted and tightly sealed state and consists essentially of a composite film stretched at least in one direction,

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A device for automatically actuating a clutch arranged between the output shaft of the engine and the input shaft of a motor vehicle transmission comprises a servo coupled to the clutch for selectively actuating the clutch, a first detection device for measuring the speed of the engine output shaft, ...

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An electrical box cover for an outside electrical receptacle and box includes a generally flat, circular cover plate having a beveled rim and a flat, circular gasket. The cover plate and gasket have five corresponding linearly-aligned holes, including a center hole and two pairs of diametrically-opp ...

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Disclosed herein is a new and improved pole-branch holder sub-assembly for use in the construction of artificial Christmas trees. Specifically, the new pole-branch holder comprises an elongated cylindrical tubular member having selectively rotatable branch holder elements assembled therewith at pred ...

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An artificial heart pacemaker and control circuit having an atrial synchronous pacing mode includes an output pulse generator for delivering stimulating pulses to the ventricle of the heart, and atrial and ventricular sensing amplifiers for detecting, respectively, atrial and ventricular contraction ...