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A slip control system for vehicles having spaced apart differentially driven wheels (200,202) including means (220) for calculating wheel slip according to the ratio of wheel speeds, means (242,230,232) for entering a slip control mode wherein a braking force is applied to the slipping wheel and inc ...

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A device for illuminating a liquid drink for use at a party or a social event to give the appearance of an illuminated liquid. The device has a light adapted to colimate a beam of light through the transparent bottom of the glass receptacle into the liquid and be dispersed therein. Rechargeable or n ...

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A Hybrid Integrated Circuit package (11) typically includes a circuit substrate or article (12) on which are formed thin film components (17, 18, 19) of a circuit (22) and to which is bonded at least one semiconductor chip (21). Prior to bonding the chip (21) to the article (12) the circuit (22) und ...

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4-Ethyl-6-methoxy-7-(oxiranylmethoxy)quinazoline and its isomer 4-ethyl-7-methoxy-6-(oxiranylmethoxy)quinazoline have potent anti-tumor activity in animals.

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An improved metal-oxygen button cell having a thermoplastic sealing annular ring placed between the cathode assembly and the grommet is provided. The cell basically is comprised of the following components: a conductive metal can, a cathode assembly in the can, a conductive metal cover, an anode mat ...