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Serial storage interface apparatus for coupling a serial storage mechanism, such as a charge coupled storage device or a magnetic bubble storage device, to a data processor input/output (I/O) bus. Speed control circuitry is provided for causing the serial storage mechanism to operate at a higher spe ...

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Rubber-molding presses, which are closed manually upon installation of pieces of rubber compound, are opened automatically by a system which continuously calculates and recalculates the correct cure time and is actuated when the calculated cure time equals the elapsed cure time. An interval timer st ...

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A new composition of matter specially adapted for the production of contact lenses, artificial eyes or other prosthetic devices. The composition has the characteristics of increased hydrophilicity, softness after hydration and oxygen permeability. The composition is a solid copolymer of comonomers c ...

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An embossed thermoplastic film characterized in that one surface of the film is provided with a plurality of rows of protuberances having the shape of pyramids with square bases which extend perpendicular to both the longitudinal and the transverse axes of the film. The protuberances are joined at t ...

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A hybrid rock bit is disclosed wherein a pair of opposing extended nozzle drag bit legs are positioned adjacent a pair of opposed tungsten carbide roller cones. The extended nozzle face nearest the hole bottom has a multiplicity of diamond inserts mounted therein. The diamond inserts are strategical ...

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In a parallel processing array wherein each processor therein issues a ready signal to signify that it is ready to begin a parallel processing task and initiates the task upon receipt of an initiate signal the parallel processing array is rendered partitionable into parallel processing subarrays by ...

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A urine flow monitor for displaying preferably in digital form total patient urine output and also urine flow rate. Urine from the patient passes through a catheter and into a calibrated volume chamber of special configuration which permits use even under conditions of vertical misalignment and wher ...

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Water soluble solid ophthalmic inserts for the treatment of dry eye in patients (human and animal), comprising a water soluble solid polymer of appropriate size.

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In a radiation heat loss detector, radiation from an extended surface area is detected with a sensor having a wide field of view closely matching that of an associated camera. By simultaneously photographing the surface area of interest and detecting the radiation from that same area, a clear record ...

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Compositions containing a polymerizable, curable or crosslinkable component, a photoinitiator, a fluoran colorformer and a latent activator that releases or promotes the release of a Lewis acid, will become insoluble and change color under the influence of actinic radiation. These compositions are p ...