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In the fabrication of a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) or of a metal gate field effect transistor (MESFET), characterized by a polycrystalline silicon gate (13) and a short channel of about a micron or less, a sequence of steps is used involving the simultaneous formation ...

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A spray head for use with conventional air-atomizing spray equipment is disclosed which has spray-forming means that includes a secondary atomization annulus which provides improved atomization of liquid materials and which is especially suitable for spray devices having electrostatic induction char ...

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System for design and production of integrated circuit photomasks and integrated circuit devices wherein the four adjacent corners of each circuit topography pattern on each photomask and each wafer chip area are set aside as designated information locations. One of the designated information locati ...

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A hybrid scheme for controlling transmission errors in digital data communication systems. Normally, data blocks with a small number of parity digits for error detection are transmitted. When the presence of errors is detected, the retransmissions are not the original data blocks but some properly s ...

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A Royer circuit, which includes an inverter and a saturating output transformer, is powered from a current source rather than from a voltage source, thereby reducing transistor current overshoot when the output transformer saturates. A current source inductor and a PWM (pulse width modulated) power ...

June H Campbell: Portable pouch for insulin. T R Zegree, August 10, 1982: US04343158 (37 worldwide citation)

A portable, flexible, refrigerating pouch for carrying and storing insulin needed by diabetics to prevent it from deterioration is disclosed. The pouch comprises an insulating layer and a liner whose structure provides separate compartments for a refrigerating agent, a vial of insulin and a syringe.

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Josephson devices are distributed in series in a transmission line structure in which electromagnetic waves are used to synchronize the dynamics of the Josephson devices in order to achieve coherence between the devices. Electromagnetic waves, such as oscillatory traveling waves, standing waves, and ...

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A non-invasive, real time blood pressure measurement system includes a cuff connected to a pump, a cuff pressure sensor, and a detector to sense the times when the cuff stops or starts blood flow in a user's body appendage. The pump cyclically varies the cuff pressure from above systolic to below di ...

Michael L Aden: Cutter bit assembly. Ingersoll Rand Company, R J Falkowski, August 10, 1982: US04343516 (37 worldwide citation)

A cutter bit assembly having an elongated cutter bit and a bit holder engaged with a bit block. The bit holder and the bit block have an elongated opening for receiving the elongated cutter bit.

Nicholas Sheptak: Multi-ply laminae. American Can Company, Stuart S Bowie, Ernestine C Bartlett, August 10, 1982: US04343851 (37 worldwide citation)

Multi-ply laminae are provided which are suitable for use as tell-tale indicators for identification cards, credentials and the like. The laminae are post-laminated to a core layer bearing a photograph or similar information or indicia. Thereafter attempts to delaminate the card result in fibers bei ...