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A stent for a cardiac valve comprises a metal base ring having metal legs projecting therefrom in a generally axial direction, each leg being flexible in such a manner that, when the stent has a valve installed therein and the valve is under pressure such as when operating in the heart, each respect ...

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A body absorbable polymeric material for implantation which is a condensation product of reacting a diamine with lactic or glycolic acid to form a diamidediol which is then reacted with a bischloroformate or a compound selected from the group consisting of dicarboxylic acids, methyl and ethyl esters ...

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A method of generating a high energy density at any point in the body, noninvasively, by two high frequency sonic beams creating a low frequency beating pattern at their intersection locus. One method provides for two transducers at different angular positions. Each transducer produces a beam patter ...

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The vacuum tunnel effect is utilized to form a scanning tunneling microscope. In an ultra-high vacuum at cryogenic temperature, a fine tip is raster scanned across the surface of a conducting sample at a distance of a few Angstroms. The vertical separation between the tip and sample surface is autom ...

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A television set having a picture display device, means for tuning into selected radiated television signals and means for supplying the received signal pictures to the said display device, the set further comprising a preferably non-volatile memory containing coded data corresponding to at least on ...

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In an X-ray tube comprising a cathode electrode including a filament for emitting electrons and a focusing electrode having a focusing groove adapted to contain the filament, and an anode electrode opposing the cathode electrode and maintained at a high potential which is positive relative to the fi ...

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An electrosurgical grounding pad has a temperature sensor to prevent skin burns. A paraffin insulated conductor is embedded in a conducting gel medium so that before a burn-producing temperature exists, the insulation melts and connects the conductor to ground. An alarm detects the presence of the g ...

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This disclosure relates to an improved DMOS semiconductor type device which can function both as a DMOS (unipolar) type device and as a bipolar transistor device. The DMOS device has two separated source regions of, for example, N+ conductivity and each of these source regions is surrounded by a P- ...

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Sustained release pharmaceutical composition of a solid medical material which contains an amorphous solid medical material, polyethylene oxide, and at least one basic substance selected from the group consisting of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, polyvinyl ...

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A method for forming an image includes the step of desensitizing a radiation sensitive imaging system comprising a dye and a tetra (hydrocarbyl) borate in a binder by converting the tetra (hydrocarbyl) borate to a compound having fewer than four carbon-to-boron bonds.