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A resilient plastic web exhibiting a fiber-like appearance and tactile impression and method and apparatus for its manufacture. In a preferred embodiment, the web exhibits a three-dimensional microstructure comprising a regulated continuum of debossed areas of non-uniform cross-section along their l ...

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A bi-directional data transmission and control system utilizing a central processing unit and a multiplicity of remote subscribers. Each subscriber is provided with a terminal coupled with the central processing unit by a suitable medium such as a CATV channel. Each terminal is provided with a demar ...

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Photochromic compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein one of R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 is halogen or lower alkoxy, and the other is hydrogen, R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 are hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, or halogen and R.sub.5 is an alkyl of 2 to 10 carbons, and their use in lenses are disclosed.

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A biochemically tuned shoe has a heel construction that provides a force-deflection response which is optimal for a particular person and a particular use. The heel construction features a main spring that is characterized by a large vertical compliance while at the same time exhibiting an extremely ...

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A solid phase assay which specifically detects C-fixing ICs by reacting ICs or aggregated gammaglobulin in normal serum with matrix-bound F(ab')2 anti-C3 and measuring the amount of Ig by radioimmunoassay or enzyme-linking techniques, and means for carrying out the assay are disclosed.

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An implantable system for correcting erectile impotence includes a flexible penile implant with a non-distensible fluid chamber, a single stroke pump and tubing connecting the pump to the non-distensible fluid chamber of the implant. The fluid chamber, tubing and pump are substantially filled with h ...

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A light indicating monitoring system includes a plurality of light emitting diodes (LED's) having a common ground connected to a phase controlled silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) circuit. The SCR circuit limits conduction of rectified AC energy through the LED's and through corresponding resistors ...

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A sensor for measuring stress, temperature, pressure, sound, etc. comprising an optical waveguide, preferably an optical fiber waveguide, a light source which injects light into one end of the waveguide, a deformer contacting and deforming the waveguide to cause light to couple from originally excit ...

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An immunoassay method utilizes antigen tagged, enzyme encapsulating liposomes which are immunospecifically ruptured in the presence of cognate antibody and active complement. A homogeneous phase reaction occurs with the antibody and complement acting to release the enzyme if an immunospecific antige ...

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A simulated leather sheet material is comprised of a polymer impregnated fibrous mass with a grain layer forming one surface and a split layer forming the opposing surface. The grain layer has an actual density equal to its bulk density and the split layer has a bulk density less than its actual den ...