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A prosthesis for the surgical replacement of a dysfunctional knee joint is disclosed. The prosthesis includes a tibial platform, one or two tibial bearing inserts, and a femoral component.

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In a system for transferring electronic funds data in lieu of cash between vendees and vendors associated with a sponsoring financial institution, each vendee is provided with an identification card and a portable electronic device to be presented to the vendor upon making a purchase. The electronic ...

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X-ray detectable fiducial markers are associated with a stereotactic surgery frame. The frame is fixed with respect to a patient's anatomy and defines a predetermined three-dimensional coordinate system in which surgical devices may be precisely positioned. A desired target area of the anatomy is de ...

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Method and apparatus for removing a photoresist layer from a substrate surface of different material, such as a semiconductor slice, in the fabrication of an electronic structure, involving exposure of the photoresist layer to an ozone-containing gaseous atmosphere in a reaction zone of a reactor. T ...

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A tool for forming a stepped blind hole in bone for receipt of a fracture reducing and stabilizing surgical implant. The tool comprises a small diameter drill portion axially adjustable with respect to a larger diameter reamer portion. A conical portion includes cutting surfaces to chamfer the entra ...

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A detachable balloon catheter for easy placement in arterial lesions. The detachable balloon catheter is comprised of a balloon having a hollow cylinder securely fastened at the neck or entrance to the balloon. A catheter tube is held inside the cylinder by a releasable retainer which permits atraum ...

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Oil products and a high nitrogen content residue are obtained by growing halophilic algae in saline solution, harvesting an algae-salt water slurry, solvent extracting said slurry, and recovering the product and residue. Use of a growth promoting enzyme, salt concentration gradients for harvesting, ...

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A method and apparatus for the control of power consumption in individual space-conditioning loads fed by an electric power network utilizes a commandable, programmable temperature control device which gradually, substantially continually changes the control setpoint in response to an external signa ...

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Disposable diapers provided with a two-element breathable backsheet. The two elements are a vapor pervious, relatively liquid impervious outer sheet and a liquid impervious inner panel. An absorbent core is the third necessary element of the disposable diaper. The inner panel is placed between the o ...

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A new and improved secure communication system is provided. A product code, formed from two pseudorandom sequences of digital bits, is used to encipher or scramble data prior to transmission. The two pseudorandom sequences are periodically changed at intervals before they have had time to repeat. On ...