Chin H Lu: Quarternary ammonium sulfate or sulfonate charge control agents for electrophotographic developers compatible with viton fuser. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, July 6, 1982: US04338390 (404 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a dry electrostatic toner composition containing a resin, a colorant or pigment, and an organic sulfate or sulfonate charge control additive of the following formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is an alkyl radical containing from about 12 carbon atoms to about 22 carbon a ...

Harvey J Hewitt: Overcoated photoreceptor containing inorganic electron trapping and hole trapping layers. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, July 6, 1982: US04338387 (223 worldwide citation)

This invention is generally directed to an inorganic overcoated photoresponsive device comprised of a substrate, a layer of electron trapping material, this layer being comprised of halogen doped selenium, halogen doped arsenic selenium alloys, and mixtures thereof; a hole transport layer in operati ...

Tadatoshi Kamimori, Mamoru Mizuhashi: Electrochromic light controlling panel. Asahi Glass Company, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, July 6, 1982: US04338000 (182 worldwide citation)

Infra-red reflecting electrochromic light controlling panel comprising, successively in laminated structure, first transparent plate, a transparent electroconductive film, an interlayer of polymer electrolyte, first tungsten oxide film, an infra-red reflecting and electroconductive metal film, secon ...

Walter Gilbert, Karen Talmadge: Mature protein synthesis. President and Fellows of Harvard College, Ronald A Schapira, July 6, 1982: US04338397 (166 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for synthesizing within a bacterial host, and secreting through the membrane of the host, a selected mature protein or polypeptide. The method involves:

Theophiel C J L Staar: Magnetic tape cassettes provided with memory circuits for storing information. Staar, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer and Holt, July 6, 1982: US04338644 (150 worldwide citation)

Cassettes of recording tape are provided with an electronic memory including semi-conductor circuits mounted in the cassette housing for storing data relating to the cassette or tape therein. A memory error signal device is also provided in the cassette housing having states representing that data s ...

James A Bixby: Apparatus for controlling exposure of a solid state image sensor array. Spin Physics, Robert F Cody, July 6, 1982: US04338514 (145 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlling the exposure of a solid state image sensor array monitors the semiconductor substrate current produced as charge signal accumulates during an exposure of the array to radiant energy. The exposure of the array is controlled in response to an output signal representative o ...

Charles M McLean: Currency note dispensing system. Docutel Corporation, Richards Harris & Medlock, July 6, 1982: US04337864 (144 worldwide citation)

Two embodiments of a system for dispensing currency notes are disclosed. The first embodiment of the system comprises two major components, a cartridge (10) and a dispenser (14). The second embodiment of the system comprises three major components, a cartridge (10), a loader (12) and a dispenser (14 ...

Paul S Tamura: Electrochemical sensor with temperature compensation means. McNeilab, Audley A Ciamporcero Jr, July 6, 1982: US04338174 (138 worldwide citation)

A disposable gas sensor, such as for monitoring pO.sub.2 in blood or administered gases, includes a housing, a passageway therein for blood or gas, a membrane-anode-cathode polarographic assembly, and a temperature sensing element. The temperature sensing element penetrates the housing and includes ...

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A floating point, integrated, arithmetic circuit is organized around a file format having a floating point numeric domain exceeding that of any single or double precision floating point numbers, long or short integer words or BCD data upon which it must operate. As a result the circuit has a greater ...

Gunner Bolz, Sherman E DeForest: Flow analyzer and system for analysis of fluids with particles. International Remote Imaging Systems, Limbach Limbach & Sutton, July 6, 1982: US04338024 (126 worldwide citation)

The method and apparatus for analyzing particles and particularly blood cells by conveying the particles along a broad shallow path where the path is magnified and converted into a series of still frame images with multiple particles in individual images. The still frame images are manipulated and c ...