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A text video-transmission system comprising an information emitting center and receiving stations, the emitting center comprising encryption means using an operating key, each receiving station comprising decryption means using the operating key, wherein in this system, the encryption means of the e ...

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A dynamic audio-video interconnection system for connecting together at least one television receiver and a plurality of peripheral units in home audio-visual installations. By means of a remote-control keyboard, the user transmits interconnection orders which are processed by a microprocessor in or ...

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A tissue photoradiation system uses a hematoporphyrin or hematoporphyrin derivative dye in tissue to be irradiated and arranges a xenon ion laser 10 for simultaneous lasing. Deep blue light is produced at wavelengths of about 406-427 nanometers and red light at a wavelength of about 627 nanometers b ...

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Waveguide antennas for ultrasonic flowmeters are described in which at least one pair of antennas is used to interrogate a flowing fluid. The waveguides are parallel, each pair defining a plane of interrogation which is parallel or nearly parallel to the flow.

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Esters of phosphinylalkanoyl prolines and phosphinylalkanoyl substituted prolines are inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme and are useful in the treatment of hypertension.

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Method and apparatus for arrhythmia analysis of Holter-type ECG recordings including a tape playback unit having an analog signal output of successive ECG complexes or heart beats, a converter for generating data composites representing each complex, a computer for making and storing data templates ...

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Each broadcast page contains a row such as row 29 which is outside the set of displayed rows. In addition to the standard initial bytes CR (clock run in), FC (framing code) and MRAG (magazine number of 3 bits and row number of 5 bits), there are 4 bytes allocated to a 16-bit cyclic rundancy check co ...

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Particles coated with a fusible thermosetting resin are placed in the vicinity of a wellbore and in conjunction with a subterranean formation surrounding the wellbore and are cured in the presence of a treating solution containing a softening agent capable of reducing the fusion temperature of the r ...

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Faults in a sensor (10) are detected by excess rate fault determination by taking the differentiated (58, 107), rate limited (60, 100, 111) integral (64, 112) from the raw sensor output (72, 113) and indicating a fault (15, 117) in the event that the difference exceeds a predetermined magnitude (76, ...

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A continuous thin cushion is provided with stiff backing sections, arranged to align with the sections of an underlying conventional articulated hospital bed. The combination of cushion, backing, and preexisting hospital bed has a desired composite degree of firmness, ideal for orthopedic patients w ...