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The invention relates to the carbonylation of cross linked substituted and unsubstituted polysaccharides, their copolymers with macroporous synthetic polymers, macroporous synthetic polymers and rigid supports with pendant hydroxyalkyl groups. The carbonylated product can be used to prepare an affin ...

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A method for laser induced conversion of large predefined areas of amorphous or polycrystalline semiconductor material, disposed nonepitaxially upon a substrate, into large single crystal areas, by controlling the lateral heat flow out of the melted regions of the areas for causing their recrystalli ...

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A semiconductor memory device of the MOS/LSI type using dynamic one-transistor cells has a serial input/output system. A serial shift register having a number of stages equal to the number of columns in the memory cell array is connected to the columns by transfer gates. The bits in the register may ...

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Photopolymerizable mixture of (a) acrylic monomer such as 95 parts of an alkyl acrylate and 5 parts of acrylic acid and (b) 0.01 to 2 parts by weight of a chromophore-substituted-halomethyl-s-triazine such as ##STR1## The novel mixtures are primarily useful as pressure-sensitive adhesive mixtures.

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Polymers and the process for producing polymers by the polymerization of at least three monomers wherein at least one monomer is selected from the group consisting of tetrafluoroethylene, trifluoromonochloroethylene, trifluoroethylene, vinylidene fluoride, 1,1-difluoro-2,2-dichloroethylene, 1,1-difl ...

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There is disclosed a germ-killing gel, a germ-killing soap, a germ-killing toothpaste and applicators for dispensing germ-killing compositions. These compositions include a first material containing sodium chlorite and a second material containing lactic acid in sufficient amount to lower the pH of ...

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Improved process for producing olefin polymer or copolymer characterized by using (I) a solid catalyst component (A) which is he product of reaction of (a) a magnesium compound in the liquid state having no reducing ability with (b) a titanium compound in the liquid state in the presence of an elect ...

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Sinusoidal timing reference signals, each of which is associated with a different suppresed-sync scrambled-priority television channel signal, frequency modulate associated carrier frequency signals for producing modulated carrier signals that are combined with a continuous wave (CW) sinusoidal carr ...

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A flexible sheath for an endoscope has a flexible hollow cylindrical tube and a helical coil spring which is inserted into the flexible hollow cylindrical tube. One end of the spring is made engageable with one end of the hollow cylindrical tube to adjust the flexibility of the flexible sheath. A me ...

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An automotive fuel hose comprising a two-ply rubber tube covered with a reinforcing fiber layer and further with a protective rubber layer. The two-ply rubber tube is constituted of a very thin inner layer of a fluorine rubber resistant to fuel, even to sour gasoline, and an outer layer of a synthet ...