Method of producing a gas with high hydrogen content by subterranean gasification of coal. Ledent Pierre, May 12, 1982: GB2086416-A (155 worldwide citation)

A method for the production of a hydrogen rich gas by underground gasification of coal, characterised in that it consists of associating an underground coal gasification operation carried out by means of oxygen and CO2, the CO2 being recovered in the plant in which the gas produced is cleansed, with ...

Security clamp for surgical device. Wallace H G, May 12, 1982: GB2086466-A (63 worldwide citation)

A clamp for securing a joint a tube, e.g. an infustion set, and a parenteral surgical device such as a catheter, comprises first locating means such as a resilient clip 2 for attaching to said tube, second locating means 7 for attaching to said surgical device, means e.g. In the form of telescopical ...

Sasaki Tohru, Terasaki Syuuzi, Ohta Mitsuru, Kakizaki Shozo: Capacitor and dielectric.. Kureha Chemical, May 12, 1982: EP0051418-A2 (60 worldwide citation)

The condenser contains a film layer composed predominantly of a vinylidene fluoride resin; and a coating layer composed of a mixture of the vinylidene fluoride resin and a polymer substantially incompatible with the vinylidene fluoride resin and having a critical surface tension of 30 dyn/cm or high ...


Rotary drill bit for deep-well drilling. Christensen, May 12, 1982: GB2086451-A (41 worldwide citation)

A rotary drill bit for deep-well drilling, consisting of a body member 1, a threaded pin 2, for connection to a drilling string or the like rotary drive and a head which is provided with cutting elements which extend from the base region of the head into its central region and are combined, in group ...

Kopp Richard Dr, Grogler Gerhard Dr, Mann Max Dr: Use of carbonic-acid/carbamic-acid anhydrides as co2-cleaving blowing agents in the production of cellular or foam-like plastics.. Bayer, May 12, 1982: EP0051211-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

Verwendung von Treibmitteln zur Herstellung zelliger oder geschäumter Kunststoffprodukte, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass man 0,05 bis 20 Gew.-% an gemischten Carbonsäure/Carbaminsäure-Anhydriden mit einem Schmelzpunkt von mindestens 40 DEG C aus an aliphatische oder cycoaliphatische Reste gebundenen M ...


Chan Albert Yiu Cheung: Signal processing for digital optical disc players.. Philips, May 12, 1982: EP0051343-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

The dc coupled signal processor of the invention provides a method for accurately converting an analog input signal from a digital optical disc which signal has a finite rise time to a digital signal with accurately positioned edges by preserving the dc content of the input signal. A peak-to-peak de ...