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An electronic control system for a television receiver (12) incorporates a light pen (10) which can be applied to selected portions (16) of the screen (14). These portions (16) are modulated (FIG. 2) at the field scan rate by data inputs such that in successive television fields they are black or wh ...

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A light-responsive light-emitting diode display comprises a light-emitting diode circuit including a series connection of light-emitting diodes and a light-responsive current-controlling circuit connected in series to said light-emitting diode circuit for supplying a current thereto in correspondenc ...

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Apparatus for filtering solid particulates from suspension in fluid streams (especially carbon particulates from exhaust gas of diesel engines) comprising a honeycomb filter with thin porous walls defining cells extending therethrough, with the transverse cross-sectional shapes of the cells forming ...

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A system for anchoring a brain lead within a cranial burr hole while closing that hole. A socket is provided with an aperture defining a lead passage and is engageable with the cranial burr hole to secure the socket to the cranium with the lead passage aperture in general alignment with the burr hol ...

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Non-thrombogenic material comprising a base polymer treated with heparin, the improvement in which the heparin is covalently bonded with the base polymer through only one acetal bond or hemiacetal bond at each bonding site between the heparin and the base polymer.

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A flexible pipe adapted for connection in a drill string, having sufficient wall thickness in order to withstand forces imposed by drilling a well. The flexible pipe has a plurality of improved, essentially circumferential cuts, each cut being through the wall thickness of the pipe. The cuts provide ...

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A wet-dry syringe package including a syringe adapted to carry a liquid and a vial carrying a dry medicament with cooperating adapters provided on the syringe and vial for telescoping action whereby the syringe needle will be embedded in the vial stopper when the package is in the storage condition. ...

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A mask for delivery of gas, such as oxygen, to a patient and useable in a naso-gastric intubation procedure without disruption of the seal between the mask and the face of the patient. The body of the mask includes a fenestration or opening through which the naso-gastric tube may be inserted. The fe ...

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A multiple antenna system for a ship mast top with the individual antenna sections being in stacked relationship. The uppermost antenna is a Global Positioning System antenna. The intermediary antenna is a Tactical Air Navigation antenna. The lowermost antenna is a Joint Tactical Information Distrib ...

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A convenience package for drop-on-demand ink drop recording devices which includes drop generating means for projecting ink droplets to a recording medium, filter means, and the ink supply, all of which are quickly interchangeable, and intended for disposal after the ink supply is exhausted. The car ...