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An osmotic device is disclosed comprising a semipermeable wall surrounding a compartment housing an agent that is insoluble to very soluble in aqueous and biological fluids, and a layer of a fluid swellable, hydrogel. A passageway in the wall connects the agent with the exterior of the device.

Kanji Inoue: Balloon catheter. May 4, 1982: US04327736 (222 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an improved balloon catheter having a three-layer balloon tube fixed to and enclosing an apertured end of an elongated flexible fine tube. The three-layer composite balloon tube is composed of inner and outer rubber tubes and an intervenient cloth bag, which is effective to hold the sha ...

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Methods and apparatus for short term and long term intravenous therapy including hyperalimentation are disclosed. The proximal end of a flexible catheter having a one way valve adjacent its proximal end is inserted through the skin of a patient and into a vein having a suitably large flow of blood t ...

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An unmanned vehicle capable of being automatously guided towards a predetermined destination by the geometrical computation of light signals received by at least two on-board detectors which relate the direction of each signal received to the axis of the vehicle. Useful in restricted areas such as a ...

Cheng Der Yu, Ursula Bruenner: Carbonate diester solutions of PGE-type compounds. Syntex, James M Kanagy, Alan M Krubiner, Tom M Moran, May 4, 1982: US04328245 (134 worldwide citation)

Stable compositions of PGE-type compounds are achieved by dissolving those compounds in carbonate diester solvents which may contain water up to the solubility limit of the carbonate diester.

William M Crow, Michael J Yerbury: Locator for source of electromagnetic radiation having unknown structure or orientation. The Austin Company, Price Heneveld Huizenga & Cooper, May 4, 1982: US04328548 (122 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for determining the position of a source of electromagnetic radiation relative to a remote object is disclosed. A multicomponent radiating means of unknown orientation is provided having components centered about the origin of the source. A plurality of electrical signals are applied to th ...

Paul A Bronson, Patrick A Wallace: Esophageal-endotracheal airway. Michael P Breston, May 4, 1982: US04327720 (122 worldwide citation)

The improved esophageal-endotracheal airway comprises an elongated flexible assembly having a shorter outer tube and a longer inner tube. The assembly is adapted to be inserted into the trachea or the esophagus. An expandable member is carried on the outer wall and near the distal end of each tube. ...

Bruce L Hanson, Sidney Wolvek: Apparatus and method for the percutaneous introduction of intra-aortic balloons into the human body. Datascope, Darby & Darby, May 4, 1982: US04327709 (119 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for the percutaneous insertion of intra-aortic balloons into the human body wherein a sheath is provided which can be inserted into an artery through a puncture, and an intra-aortic balloon of a size sufficiently small and having sufficient flexibility is used which can be moved ...

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Electrodes and lead-out terminals of semiconductor devices employ fine wire interconnections which require forming into a predetermined configuration. The method of the present invention provides several novel steps in a sequence of steps which causes the interconnection wire to be shaped in an extr ...

Paul L Frankhouser: Catheter shield. Arrow International, Charles H Lindrooth, May 4, 1982: US04327723 (106 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a shield assembly for a catheter particularly useful for the protection of flow directed catheters used in the measurement of central venous pressure and pulmonary wedge pressure. The shield assembly includes front and rear hubs sized to permit movement of the catheter therethrough and ...