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The disclosure relates to a circulating saline electrode for changing corneal shape in eyes. The electrode comprises a tubular nonconductive electrode housing having an annular expanded base which has a surface substantially matched to a subject corneal surface. A tubular conductive electrode connec ...

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An improved venipuncture device comprises a catheter having a catheter hub at one end, with a needle having a needle hub at one end and a sharpened tip at the second end extending through the catheter and catheter hub. The needle is adapted for insertion and removal from the catheter. A fin extends ...

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A medical article having a layered antithrombogenic surface is useful as a polymeric implant. The article comprises a polymeric substrate coated with chitosan to which is appended an antithrombotic agent. A process for rendering the surface of a polymer antithrombogenic is disclosed.

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An osmotic device is disclosed that provides a means for improving the delivery properties of a beneficial agent in situ.

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A device for operating the coeliac tubular member-closing implement comprises an outer tube, a hollow cylindrical needle which is inserted into the outer tube and whose forward end portion contains the coeliac tubular member-closing implement, a push tube for forcing the coeliac tubular member-closi ...

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The invention contemplates improved techniques for making lens implants for use in ophthalmological surgery, the lens being a replacement for a cataract-clouded natural lens. The lens of the invention is particularly adapted for posterior-chamber implantation, with position stability derived from th ...

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An apparatus for cleaning a surface of an article such as a semiconductor wafer with cleaning fluid includes a nozzle extending from a chamber for developing a jet of cleaning fluid. The fluid is pressurized and megasonic energy is applied to the fluid by a megasonic transducer. The nozzle is shaped ...

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Monomeric polysiloxanes endcapped with activated unsaturated groups are copolymerized with cycloalkyl modulus modifiers and tear film stabilizers to form hard, gas permeable, polysiloxane contact lenses and other biomedical devices.

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A surgical instrument for removing cellular tissue from the body cavities arranged to shape a loop easily by using an elongated cable. The cable is folded essentially in the middle intermediate the ends thereof. The thusly folded cable is positioned internally of an elongated open ended sheath. Mani ...

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A rotary coaxial assembly comprises an external and an internal socket which is lined with a conductive louvered band and which mates with an external and an internal pin. The fit between the sockets and the pins are such that a first coaxial cable which is attached to the external and internal sock ...