Robert J Cantley: Energy management system for refrigeration systems. Macdonald J Wiggins, April 20, 1982: US04325223 (182 worldwide citation)

A system and method for managing energy in large refrigeration systems and the like by continuously monitoring operating parameters and controlling to optimize the refrigeration system elements. A multiplicity of remote sensors is disposed at the appropriate points in the refrigeration system to pro ...

Peter Loeliger: Stilbene derivatives. Hoffmann La Roche, Jon S Saxe, George M Gould, William H Epstein, April 20, 1982: US04326055 (177 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-naphthyl or indanyl stilbene derivatives which are useful as tumor inhibiting agents, in the treatment of neoplasms, dermatological conditions and rheumatic illnesses.

Charles H Klieman, Richard M Densmore: Hemostatic clip applicator. Charles H Klieman, Wayne Willenberg, April 20, 1982: US04325376 (144 worldwide citation)

A hemostatic clip applicator useful in the rapid and automatic application of hemostatic clips for the strangulation of tubular members is disclosed. The applicator consists of a main body, a clip magazine externally attached to the main body, clip deforming jaws attached to one end of the main body ...

Leon N Cooper, Charles Elbaum, Douglas L Reilly: Self organizing general pattern class separator and identifier. Nestor Associates, Karl F Milde Jr, April 20, 1982: US04326259 (127 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for the separation into and the indentification of classes of events wherein each of the events is represented by a signal vector comprising the signals s, s.sub.z . . . , s.sub.j . . . , s.sub.N. The system comprises a plurality of assemblies, each of the assemblies including a ...

Hans Hinsken, Horst Mayerhoefer, Wolfgang Mueller, Hermann Schneider: Benzofuranone or indolinone compounds useful as stabilizers for organic materials. Sandoz, Gerald D Sharkin, Robert S Honor, Joseph J Borovian, April 20, 1982: US04325863 (117 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for stabilizing organic polymeric materials comprising incorporating therein a benzofuran (2) one or indolin (2) one compound as stabilizer. Such stabilized polymeric materials are stabilized against degradation during the polymer processing.

Yoshii Osamu: Dispositif pour les traitements dorthodontie et methode de fabrication, Orthodontic treating device and method of manufacturing same. Suyehiro Hito, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, April 20, 1982: CA1121955 (117 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Conventional orthodontic treatment is accomplished with metal bands provided with an attachment made to adapt to the teeth and is fixed to the teeth with cement, and metal wire is made to run through it to move the teeth. However, using this technique, it has been recogniz ...

Robert Tapper: Iontophoretic treatment apparatus. Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht, April 20, 1982: US04325367 (112 worldwide citation)

A self-contained iontophoretic treatment apparatus is provided which includes a support structure on which is mounted a pair of electrodes in generally close proximity to one another as well as a source of electrical power and appropriate controls for delivering electrical power to the electrodes. T ...

Willard G Bouricius, Horst Feistel: High security system for electronic signature verification. International Business Machines Corporation, Roy R Schlemmer Jr, April 20, 1982: US04326098 (108 worldwide citation)

The system provides both electronic signature and message verification with a minimum of excess coding information on an instantaneous basis and is easily restartable in a store and forward environment. The system is based on the concept of a vault or central authority. The vault is in essence a phy ...

William E Glenn: Ultrasonic scanning head with reduced geometrical distortion. New York Institute of Technology, Martin Novack, April 20, 1982: US04325381 (103 worldwide citation)

An improved ultrasonic scanning head is disclosed for use in an apparatus for imaging sections of a body by transmitting ultrasonic energy into the body and determining the characteristics of the ultrasonic energy reflected therefrom. The scanning head includes a scanning window which comprises an a ...

Michael Jordan: Automated multiple-purpose chemical-analysis apparatus. Technicraft, Kenway & Jenney, April 20, 1982: US04325910 (101 worldwide citation)

Analysis apparatus with flexible multi-analysis capability, suitable for example for biochemical constituent analysis, has a single channel of reaction vessels arranged to receive reagents from any of a battery of reagent reservoirs and has photometer elements from measuring the reaction in each rea ...