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An article of manufacture is disclosed for absorbing liquids, particularly body exudates such as menstrual discharges. An apertured formed film topsheet having a layer of fibers affixed to the inner surface thereof overlays an intermediate layer having a multiplicity of tapered capillaries. The aper ...

Paul Heitlinger, Fritz Rodder: Method for the manufacture of dentures and device for carrying out the method. Biebel French & Nauman, April 13, 1982: US04324546 (264 worldwide citation)

For the manufacture of a denture, or artifical teeth, the prepared tooth stump is reproduced as a working model, and the substitute piece, suitably conformed to the working model, is shaped by hand. In order to facilitate the dentist's work, and at the same time attain great accuracy, it is provided ...

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A process for recovering hydrocarbon products from a body of fragmented or rubblized oil shale. The process includes initiating a combustion zone adjacent the lower end of a body of oil shale and using the thermal energy therefrom for volatilizing the shale oil from the oil shale above the combustio ...

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A data processor architecture wherein the processors recognize two basic types of objects, an object being a representation of related information maintained in a contiguously-addresed set of memory locations. The first type of object contains ordinary data, such as characters, integers, reals, etc. ...

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A transponder/interrogator system for remotely identifying objects. The interrogator emits optical pulses to activate the transponder. Upon such activation, the transponder emits a unique code in the form of optical pulses in accordance with a program stored in its memory. The interrogator receives ...

Marvin Gordon, Joseph Lichtenstein: Safety valve for preventing air embolism and hemorrhage. Whitman Medical, Holman & Stern, April 13, 1982: US04324239 (166 worldwide citation)

A safety valve for catheterization procedures is characterized by a piston having an internal flow path, a portion of the piston being surrounded by an elastomeric member which surrounds a portion of the piston and biases it to a closed position. The elastomeric member also severely restricts fluid ...

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Qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation of bite characteristics is performed by subjecting to bite forces pieces of material which exhibits photoelastic memory and studying the resulting impression with a polariscope. A permanent record can also be obtained.

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A device for the transcutaneous measurement of the partial oxygen pressure in blood, comprising a measuring head which includes a measuring cell of the Clark-type which is surrounded by one or more annular shielding cells of the Clark-type in order to eliminate any oxygen which laterally penetrates ...

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An apparatus and method for providing limited access to broadcast television programming in a CATV System wherein each television subscriber is provided with a converter for converting broadcast television signals into signals suitable for reception and display by a conventional television receiver ...

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A fitting for use in performing a vascular puncture includes a system for rapidly and securely stabilizing an intravascular catheter or needle to a patient's skin upon insertion of the needle or catheter into a blood vessel. The hub of the needle or catheter has upper and lower lateral wings extendi ...