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A combination guiding catheter assembly and a dilating catheter assembly. The guiding catheter assembly includes a first flexible tubular member formed of a material which has a low coefficient of friction and a second flexible tubular member encasing said first tubular member so that the first tubu ...

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A system for transmitting information between an emitting center and receiving stations, comprising: a subscription administration center generating a plurality of subscriber's keys C.sub.i changing randomly at relatively long intervals of the order of a month; in the emitting center: a generator of ...

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An image sensor, suitable for resolving a high-resolution image, comprises an arrayed plurality of image sensor modules of moderate individual resolution. The high-resolution image is subdivided into contiguous sub-images, each of which is minified before being projected upon an image sensor module. ...

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A process for electrostatically spinning fiber forming material. The spun fiber is collected on a removable sheath on a rotating mandrel. The sheath is electroconductive. The tubular spun fiber product is separated from the sheath.

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A process for making a stable chemical complex of iodine, an iodide ion and a dermatologically acceptable room temperature tacky pressure-sensitive adhesive which is substantially free of acidic components. The resulting composition exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity when placed in conta ...

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A volume ventilator having a plurality of integrated modes of operation for providing a patient with a flow of breathing gas under pressure. A plurality of adjustable setting devices each producing an individual threshold signal related to a parameter of the gas flow. Mode switching means provides f ...

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A method is described for the production of bulk rapidly solidified metallic articles of near-net shape, by depositing multiple thin layers of feedstock using an energy beam to fuse each layer onto a substrate. The feedstock may be in the form of metal powder or wire. Different finished geometries a ...

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Heat is removed from a Large Scale Integrated Circuit semiconductor package via a thermal conductive path including a thermally conductive liquid. The integrated circuit chips are flip chip bonded to a substrate having a printed circuit and raised contact pads serving to interconnect contact areas o ...

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A test device, and a method of testing, that use a plurality of test elements each for a different analyte, all elements being supplied analyte from a single quantity of liquid. The liquid is conveyed to the test elements by a capillary transport zone, and means for venting the zone are provided. To ...

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A converter/decoder for use in subscription television includes means for converting any input TV channel to a predetermined output channel. Decoding means are connected to the converter at its output for decoding the selected output channel. The decoder is enabled in response to data carried on the ...