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A vascular prosthesis comprising a porous tubing of polytetrafluoroethylene containing an anti-coagulant substance and bonded to its outside surface a porous elastomer coating containing substance which counteracts the anti-coagulant substance is disclosed.

Frans F Jobsis, Johannes H Keizer, Ronald F Overaker: Apparatus for monitoring metabolism in body organs. Duke University, B B Olive, March 30, 1982: US04321930 (202 worldwide citation)

A mounting structure secures to a selected portion of the human body, e.g., the head, a limb, or the torso, and incorporates light source and light detecting means adapted for association with spectrophotometric circuitry for in situ, in vivo monitoring of local metabolism in the area of the body wh ...

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An improved high performance semiconductor package assembly for interconnecting a plurality of integrated circuit devices having a multilayer substrate with internal wiring including signal wiring and external signal and power connections, a plurality of integrated circuit semiconductor devices supp ...

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There are described apparatus for detecting the presence of a defective cell in a lead-acid storage battery. The apparatus is included as a part of a larger apparatus for analyzing the condition of the battery and its suitability for further use in automobile lighting, starting, and ignition applica ...

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This invention relates to a method and apparatus for the fractionation of a suspension of finely divided solid particles differing in sedimentation velocity, such as platelets and other blood cells. The separation of, for instance, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from whole blood is accomplished by centr ...

Mitsuko Asai, Motowo Izawa, Seiichi Tanida: Maytansinoids. Takeda Chemical, Wegner & Bretschneider, March 30, 1982: US04322348 (134 worldwide citation)

Novel Antibiotic C-15003PND, which has the formula: ##STR1## wherein R represents hydrogen, --CO--CH.sub.3, --CO--CH.sub.2 --CH.sub.3, ##STR2## is produced by cultivating a microorganism of the genus Nocardia. The Antibiotic C-15003PND wherein R is acetyl, propionyl, isobutyryl or isovaleryl is usef ...

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A television signal scrambling and descrambling method and apparatus for use with a community antenna television system in which the scrambling mode employed is changed from time to time so that one cannot illegally receive the transmitted signals over a long period of time if only one of the scramb ...

Michael Schiller: Finger identification. Fingermatrix, McAulay Fields Fisher Goldstein & Nissen, March 30, 1982: US04322163 (123 worldwide citation)

A finger pressed against a platen provides a fingerprint object which is scanned by an interrogating beam of collimated light in the form of a slit and that is linearly displaced across the platen. As the slit-beam scans across the back surface of the platen, the reflected light beam is modulated. T ...

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An apparatus is disclosed herein for providing faster memory access for a CPU by utilizing a least recently used scheme for selecting a storage location in which to store data retrieved from main memory upon a cache miss. A duplicate directory arrangement is also disclosed for selective clearing of ...

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A golf club head in which the center of gravity of the mass thereof is located on a line perpendicular to a club face of the head and passing through a meet point prelocated on the club face.