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In order to initiate the charging of droplets at a specific point in time with respect to the formation of those droplets in an electrostatic flow sorting system, the charge phase of the system of the present invention is continuously and automatically adjusted by droplet break point monitoring. The ...

John D Spivack, Martin Dexter, Stephen D Pastor: Alkanolamine esters of 1,1-biphenyl-2,2-diyl-and alkylidene-1,1-biphenyl-2,2-diyl-cyclic phosphites. Ciba Geigy Corporation, Harry Falber, March 9, 1982: US04318845 (61 worldwide citation)

The title compounds are prepared by reacting alkylated 1,1'-biphenyl-2,2'-diol or alkylated 2,2'-alkylidene-bis-phenol with phosphorus trichloride in an organic solvent and then reacting the intermediate phosphorochlorodite with an alkanolamine. Said phosphites are useful as stabilizers of organic p ...

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A portable elastomeric bladder-powered infusor for dispensing drug in liquid form under pressure at a predetermined flow rate is disclosed. The main elements of the infusor are a tubular housing, a plug/flow control assembly fixed in one end of the bladder, an axially slidable piston/filling port as ...

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A multimode digital display assembly is configured to provide a real time alphanumeric display of notes and chords being played on stringed musical instruments, such as a guitar, as a learning or teaching aid. The display assembly is particularly well adapted to be retrofitted to a minimally modifie ...

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A postage cost recording system including a postage computer, a postage meter apparatus for printing postage legends, a meter driver responsive to the postage computer for adjusting the postage amount handles of the postage meter, and a sensor for detecting the passage of items through the postage m ...

Igino Lombardo, Donald E Barry: Automatic relative droplet charging time delay system for an electrostatic particle sorting system using a relatively moveable stream surface sensing system. Ortho Diagnostics, Audley A Ciamporcero Jr, March 9, 1982: US04318483 (57 worldwide citation)

A novel method and apparatus for automatically setting the time delay for relatively charging droplets in an electrostatic particle sorting system is disclosed. By utilizing a movable sheath sensing means for sensing the light scatter and extinction of this stream, the flow rate and distance to brea ...

Vernon T Kingsley: Solar signs. Warren F B Lindsley, March 9, 1982: US04319310 (56 worldwide citation)

Self-contained solar signs utilizing incident solar energy employing solar cells or thermal absorbers for generating electricity which is stored and later used for energizing sign illuminating lamp or lamps.

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A method for the measurement of fluid velocity and fluid flow rate is described which may be applied to a system in which fluid is caused to exit through an orifice to form a free jet. Optical as well as fluidic properties of the jetting fluids are used to determine the mean velocity of the jet betw ...

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A composite printed wiring board is provided wherein the surface of the board is fabricated from conventional fiber reinforced plastic laminates such as glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminates and that laminate is secured by means of a thermoset adhesive to a support member which is fabricated from g ...

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A carbonaceous feed material, a potassium compound having a relatively poor catalytic activity as compared to that of potassium carbonate, and a sodium or lithium salt are introduced into a gasification reactor. The carbonaceous material is then gasified in the presence of the added potassium and so ...