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A one-piece, self-locking, molded plastic staple useful as a tissue fixation device in surgical procedures. The staple has opposed, pointed, L-shaped legs secured to a horizontal bridging member. Each leg has an extension which is engaged by a locking bar extending between the extensions when the st ...

Thomas P Robinson: Catheter insertion unit with separate flashback indication for the cannula. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Richards Harris & Medlock, March 2, 1982: US04317445 (283 worldwide citation)

An intravenous assembly includes a needle extending through a hub and a catheter or cannula secured at its proximal end to the hub. The cannula includes a side port near the distal end thereof in fluid communication with an annular flashback chamber formed between the cannula and needle to provide v ...

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A method for efficiently protecting transactions and providing authentication of users and devices in on-line systems that transfer funds electronically, dispense cash, or provide a good or permit a service to be utilized is provided. The transaction may be initiated by a magnetic-striped plastic ca ...

Florence Melton: Slipper sock and method of manufacture. Watson Cole Grindle & Watson, March 2, 1982: US04317292 (137 worldwide citation)

An improved slipper sock which conforms to the foot of the wearer is formed as follows: the bottom of the foot portion of a stretchable knitted sock, which is in a stretched condition on a foot form, has temporarily attached to the exposed side thereof a thin and flexible bottom sole by use of dots ...

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An alcohol is produced in a high selectivity with a good yield from the corresponding carboxylic acid by reducing the latter with hydrogen in the presence of a rhenium catalyst in the coexistence of an organic base. An arylacetic acid, which is included in the starting carboxylic acid, can be produc ...

Kurt E Petersen: Optical ray deflection apparatus. International Business Machines Corporation, G E Roush, March 2, 1982: US04317611 (127 worldwide citation)

Torsional type optical ray deflection apparatus essentially comprises a pair of etched plates, one of which is single crystal semiconductor material such as silicon, and the other is a suitable insulating material such as glass. The semiconductor plate is etched to form an elongated bar of the mater ...

Norman L Stauffer: Digital auto focus system utilizing a photodetector array. Honeywell, Charles J Ungemach, March 2, 1982: US04317991 (121 worldwide citation)

An active auto focus system in which a beam of modulated energy is projected towards a subject to be focussed upon with the energy reflected therefrom directed towards a detector array. The detector array comprises a number of radiation responsive elements arranged in parallel rows and in a pattern ...

Maurice Sauvanet: Process and device for retrieving digital data in the presence of noise and distortions. Thomson-CSF, Cushman Darby & Cushman, March 2, 1982: US04318128 (117 worldwide citation)

This process enables the average value of a voltage to be established during a burst formed by an alternation of 1s and 0s, this value being stored until the following burst appears.

Harold B Shutterly: Solid state digital audio scrambler system for teletransmission of audio intelligence through a television system. Westinghouse Electric, C M Lorin, March 2, 1982: US04318125 (115 worldwide citation)

An audio scrambler digitally samples a continuous audio signal, scrambles the derived samples and inserts at least one scrambled sample in the unoccupied region of the video signals of a video system for transmission line per line as an analog composite audio-video signal. A RAM device is used for t ...

Marvin L Sassler: Multiplexed video transmission apparatus for satellite communications. Stephen B Judlowe, March 2, 1982: US04318126 (108 worldwide citation)

Improved multiplexed communications apparatus distributes plural video signals via a single satellite transponder with enhanced reproduced quality, i.e., improved signal-to-noise ratio. The up-link transmitter delays each signal for one line period, and computes statistics characterizing the precedi ...