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The process and system for locating the position and orientation of an implement in space wherein a varying magnetic field responsive component (14) such as a coil is positioned upon the implement. A magnetic field source (12) excitable from an a.c. source derives alternating flux fields which are m ...

Sumanas Rakhit: Acyl derivatives of rapamycin. Ayerst McKenna and Harrison, Arthur E Wilfond, February 23, 1982: US04316885 (228 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are monoacyl and diacyl derivatives of rapamycin, processes for their preparation, methods of using the derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions of the derivatives. The derivatives are useful, inter alia, as antifungal antibiotics.

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A surgical apparatus for suturing soft tissues with lengths of suturing material with spicules comprises at least one hollow needle, mounted in the apparatus body, with a bore to accommodate a length of suturing material, introduced into the tissue to be sutured together with the needle, as well as ...

Henri J Marais, Kevin M Morrison: Intravenous vascular stabilizer. Barlow & Barlow, February 23, 1982: US04316461 (172 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a vascular stabilizer in which a base plate that has a major medial longitudinal aperture or slot is adapted to be positioned so that the edges of the slot embrace a vein. The slot is defined by an arched connector or hood portion to rigify the slot and to protect a needle-ty ...

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Surface sensitization of a chalcogenide glass is achieved by depositing an extremely thin silver layer, for example, by depositing a silver halide and developing and fixing in the absence of exposure. The sensitized chalcogenide can then be exposed to light to make it etch-resistant. Further exposur ...

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An electrical connector assembly for selectively connecting sections of an electrical cable to establish a cable of desired longitudinal length suitable for use in underground mining operations includes a plurality of electrical connector elements, each connector element being provided with a pair o ...

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An athletic shoe which has a light-weight and readily flexible sole construction including shock absorbing portions in the heel and forefoot areas of the sole having different shock absorbing porperties with the shock absorbing portion in the heel area having a shock absorbing property greater than ...

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An externally controlled implantable electronic device for delivering a cardioverting pulse of energy to the atrium of an ailing heart. In one embodiment, the device is particularly suited for use when the patient visits the office of his physician, and contemplates the transmission of both informat ...

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A calculator having constant memory utilizing a low power microcomputer with on-chip memory capability, and multiple partition power control of circuit groups. Incorporation of a first and second switched negative voltage and a non-switched negative voltage enables the power hungry clocked logic and ...

Robert S Dotson Jr: Ophthalmic handpiece with pneumatically operated cutter. February 23, 1982: US04316465 (128 worldwide citation)

An ophthalmic handpiece is disclosed. The handpiece includes coaxial irrigation and aspiration needles, with passageways through the body of the handpiece for connection to conventional equipment for supplying irrigation and aspiration. Within the aspiration needle, there is a reciprocating cutting ...