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A first part of the inventive instrument comprises an insertion and removal device in the form of a maneuverable catheter which may be inserted through the mouth or nostril, pharynx, and esophagus into the stomach. In one form, the catheter includes an outer sheath which protects the human body whil ...

William Drewes, Martin Levine: Method and apparatus for selective cell destruction. William Drewes, Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross, February 16, 1982: US04315514 (238 worldwide citation)

Method for destroying selected cells in a host without damage to non-selected cells comprises selecting a transmission path from an energy source (12) to the selected cells (30); determining one or more of the resonant frequencies of the selected cells (30); selecting as a destructive frequency one ...

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Surgically non-invasive method of and apparatus for altering the growth, repair and maintenance behavior of living tissues and/or cells by inducing voltage and concomitant current pulses of specific time-frequency-amplitude relations therewithin.

Horst Feistel: Stream/block cipher crytographic system. International Business Machines Corporation, Roy R Schlemmer Jr, February 16, 1982: US04316055 (195 worldwide citation)

The system disclosed comprises a dual function cryptographic system capable of operating in either a stream or block cipher mode. Further, with minimal alteration the system is capable of performing either encoding or decoding functions. The system requires three inputs, the first of which is the ra ...

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Apparatus in a data processing system to initialize a semaphore held in a memory field of the data processing system or, alternatively, to restore the semaphore to a previous predetermined state. A count field, or tally field, provided in the semaphore is initialized by a particular instruction. The ...

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A battery monitor circuit for rechargeable multicell batteries that provides a reliable indication of battery failure independent of temperature, load and age, by continuously comparing the impedance of the cells of the battery against each other. Comparison means are provided responsive to a first ...

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A process is provided for fabricating MOSFET devices having field source, gate and drain regions. The threshold voltage of both the channel and field regions of such devices is controlled by forming a comparatively thick oxide film on a semiconductor surface, defining enhancement mode transistor reg ...

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Suspension system intended primarily for disposable items such as incontinent pads, disposable diapers, and the like but having other uses as well. The garment is intended to be worn about the crotch area and generally is rectangular in shape although various fold configurations in the crotch area m ...

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A novel maytansinoid compound discovered in the seed tissue of Trewia nudiflora has been found to be effective in controlling a common insect pest, the European corn borer. This compound is represented by the formula: ##STR1## and is characterized by a distinguishing methoxy group on the C-15 carbon ...

Michael S Nawash, Suzanne Stillman, Robert S Mason: Gastrostomy and other percutaneous transport tubes. Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz, February 16, 1982: US04315513 (120 worldwide citation)

An improved gastrostomy or like percutaneous transport tube includes, at the end exterior to the abdominal wall, a nutrient supply coupling assembly including a mechanically simple one-way valve. A threaded cap closes the assembly, and may be replaced by a coupling member having a fitting for discon ...