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Apparatus using microwave energy for the therapeutic and hyperthermic treatment of an internal body organ such as the prostate gland. An irregularly shaped coaxial applicator having a narrow portion and a wide portion is inserted through the male anus into the rectum such that a substantially maximu ...

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A disposable instrument is adaptable for use in electrosurgical operations, such as, coagulation procedures used in blocking off fallopian tubes, and is characterized by having an improved electrode and switch assembly which permits interchangeable but permanent mounting of electrodes of a selected ...

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Thermoplastic elastomeric compositions, comprising blends of olefin rubber and polyolefin resin in which the rubber is cured with phenolic curative, exhibit superior properties including improved compression set and oil resistance.

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A coated abrasive product has abrasive particles secured to a flexible backing by maker and size coats, each abrasive particle consisting essentially of an agglomerate of fine abrasive grains having an average diameter less than about 200 microns and an inorganic, brittle, matrix. The volume percent ...

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Disclosed is an improved process for preparing a composite compact wherein a mass of abrasive crystals, a mass of metal carbide, and a bonding medium are subjected to a high-temperature/high pressure process for providing a composite compact. The sintered carbide mass supports the mass of abrasive c ...

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A detachable balloon catheter apparatus and method. The apparatus includes an introducer catheter which is attached at its trailing end to a source of pressurized fluid. The leading end of the catheter is attached to an inflatable balloon which may be inflated as the pressurized fluid is injected th ...

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The differences between the scanned values of corresponding image points of a specimen and an original are formed by point-by-point scanning and comparison with an original. The difference values are subjected to a tone or shade correction, and then a weighting process and a minimum threshold correc ...

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Disclosed is an apparatus for resecting tissue inside the human body cavity by means of high-frequency currents which comprises an electrically insulating elongate tubular sheath, a first electrode exposed at the distal end portion of the sheath, a snare capable of advance and retreat within the she ...

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A fluid administration device is provided which includes a catheter holder having a passage extending through it, a plastic cannula connected at the distal end of the passage, an elastomeric seal at the proximal end of the passage, and a fluid administration side port intermediate the ends of the pa ...

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A device for projecting ink droplets through a set of projection holes to print a pattern under selective electrical or light pulse control.