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An artificial intervertebral disc for implantation in the disc space after the removal of a diseased or damaged cervical intervertebral is described and comprises upper and lower disc portions having a plurality of springs positioned therebetween to yieldably urge the disc portions away from each ot ...

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A novel family of crystalline, microporous aluminophosphate compositions is synthesized by hydrothermal crystallization at elevated temperatures of aluminophosphate gels containing a molecular structure-forming template. The family comprises a number of distinct species, each with a unique crystal s ...

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A composition and a process for making the same is provided wherein a chemical and storage stable pressure-sensitive adhesive has homogeneously dispersed therein a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. When the composition is placed in contact with the skin, it uniformly and controllably releases the ...

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A bifurcated venous return cannula assembly is described for insertion into the vena cavae through a single incision in the right atrium. The cannula includes a single outward tube that is bifurcated at an inward end, forming two normally diverging flexible branches. The tube branches diverge natura ...

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A prosthesis for the surgical replacement of a dysfunctional knee joint. The prosthesis includes a tibial platform, one or two tibial bearing inserts, and a femoral component.

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A communications link between a computer and a remote user is effected by a portable access unit which generates a nonrecurring access code which is a function of a password and a pseudorandomly generated number. The access code is transmitted and compared with an access code generated by a computer ...

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Novel compounds are produced by the fermentation of a nutrient medium with the previously undescribed microorganism Streptomyces avermitilis. They may be isolated by solvent extraction and chromatographic fractionation techniques. The compounds, which are described generically as C-076 have signific ...

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A method is disclosed of processing telephone calls with customized services in a telephone system with CCIS (Common Channel Interoffice Signaling) in which all offices are not required to have CCIS capability. The entitlement of a call to customized service is verified by transmitting from an actio ...

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Disclosed is a system whereby in a transmit mode analog speech is sampled d converted digitally to 12 bits of accuracy and then fed into a fast Fourier transform (FFT) processor which analyzes the speech into spectral and pitch parameters. These parameters are then quantized into a data stream which ...

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An aircraft is equipped with a rearwardly pointed television camera connected to an electronic receiver situated in front of the pilot. The image provided by the camera at the receiver appears in mirror reversed inverted or symmetrically opposite position, in order that the maneuvers required for re ...