Ralph C Merkle: Method of providing digital signatures. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, January 5, 1982: US04309569 (352 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises a method of providing a digital signature for purposes of authentication of a message, which utilizes an authentication tree function of a one-way function of a secret number.

John C C Fan, Herbert J Zieger: Method of crystallizing amorphous material with a moving energy beam. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, David E Brook, January 5, 1982: US04309225 (181 worldwide citation)

An improved method for crystallizing amorphous material with a moving beam of energy is disclosed. In this method, the energy beam is scanned in a manner to provide controlled, continuous motion of the crystallization front.

James R Halsall, Michael H Larcombe, James R Robertson, Mark A Rogers: Driverless vehicle autoguided by light signals and three non-directional detectors. Imperial Chemical, Cushman Darby & Cushman, January 5, 1982: US04309758 (164 worldwide citation)

An unmanned vehicle capable of being automatically guided towards a predetermined destination by the geometrical computation of light signals received by at least three omnidirectional detectors on-board the vehicle. Useful in restricted areas such as automatic warehouses and loading bays.

Donald L Peinetti, Dennis M Rippelmeyer: Programmable electronic thermostat. Emerson Electric Co, Paul A Becker Sr, January 5, 1982: US04308991 (155 worldwide citation)

A space thermostat for controlling temperature at different levels during different time periods includes a programmable microprocessor which has been pre-programmed to provide a plurality of chronologically annunciated displays. Each display contains a time and temperature within a specific time ra ...

David A Fischer: External fixation device. Ace Orthopedic Manufacturing, Knobbe Martens Olson Hubbard & Bear, January 5, 1982: US04308863 (144 worldwide citation)

An improved external fixation device is disclosed composed of a pair of arcuate frame segments and multiple adjustment rods and pin holders, which cooperate with one another as well as plural pins extending through the soft tissue and bone of a patient to rigidly immobilize a bone fracture and permi ...

Herman L Watson, Marvin A Sackner, Frank D Stott: Method and apparatus for monitoring respiration. Respitrace Corporation, Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross, January 5, 1982: US04308872 (141 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are shown for monitoring respiration volumes by continuously measuring, while the patient breathes, variations in the patient's chest cross sectional area, or preferably, variations in both chest and abdomen areas. Each area is measured by measuring the inductance of an extens ...

Guy Le Boeuf: Electric heating device for heating sterilized fluids, such as blood. Guy Le Boeuf, Sprung Felfe Horn Lynch & Kramer, January 5, 1982: US04309592 (133 worldwide citation)

A device for heating blood for transfusion is disclosed which has two vertically disposed opposed electrical heating plates which engage the opposite faces of a flat bag of flexible plastic material delimitating a fluid path therethrough which has a width progressively increasing from a lower inlet ...

Helmut Heide, Eva Poeschel, Ulrich Roth: Implantable bone replacement materials based on calcium phosphate ceramic material in a matrix and process for the production thereof. Battelle Institut e V, Fisher Christen & Sabol, January 5, 1982: US04309488 (115 worldwide citation)

An implantable bone replacement material (body) based on completely or partially resorbable particles incorporated in a matrix material. The particles are composed of bioactive sintered calcium phosphate ceramic material having a CaO:P.sub.2 O.sub.5 composition ratio between 3:1 and 4:1. The replace ...

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Portable electronic medical apparatus for controlling the flow rate of a fluid for medically treating a patient may receive flow rate information representing sequences of up to 20 flow rates and their durations from an individual and from an electronic data processor, and operate continuously witho ...

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A detecting circuit for a power source voltage comprises a reference voltage generating circuit for generating a reference voltage, a voltage dividing circuit for dividing the power source voltage, and a voltage comparing circuit having one input terminal connected to receive the reference voltage f ...