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The stent is an elongated, flexible generally cylindrical member. One of the ends of the stent is closed and set in the form of a hook and the other end is set in the form of a hook with a long intermediate portion connecting the hook ends. The stent is provided with at least one longitudinally exte ...

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A dielectric waveguide comprises a wave propagating member having a core with a refractive index n.sub.1 and a cladding with a refractive index n.sub.2, the core having an elongate cross-section with a major axis a and a minor axis b. The values of n.sub.1, n.sub.2, a and b are such that only the tw ...

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An electrical connector assembly is disclosed for terminating a triaxial or twin axial cable of the type having two center conductors which are dressed for termination to extend forward respective distances free from a dielectric casing, conductive shield, and outer sheath therearound. The assembly ...

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Aromatic-aliphatic ketones of the formulae I, II, III or IV ##STR1## wherein n is 1 or 2, Ar is an aryl radical, R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 are monvalent aliphatic, cycloaliphatic or araliphatic radicals, R.sup.3 is a direct bond or a divalent organic radical, X is a hydroxyl or amino group or the monovale ...

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A method of manufacturing a field-emitter array cathode structure in which substrate of single crystal material is selectively masked such that the unmasked areas define islands on the underlying substrate. The single crystal material under the unmasked areas is orientation-dependent etched to form ...

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A liquid drop emitter utilizing acoustical principles ejects liquid from a body of liquid onto a moving document to form characters or bar codes thereon.

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A flexible, liquid absorbent, adhesive bandage includes a backing element and a substrate attached to the backing element. The substrate comprises a homogeneous, hydrophilic, stable matrix including a solid phase formed of a synthetic polymer, a long chain polysaccharide, or a combination thereof. T ...

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A dilator, a method of making the dilator, and a method of using the dilator to compress fatty substances deposited in or on the walls and lumen of the major arteries. The dilator includes a tubular member that has a distal end portion that can be expanded to compress the fatty substances. One embod ...

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An improved electrocautery instrument includes a manually retractable-extendable electrode-blade with a vacuum channel disposed therebeneath. A guide in close-spaced relationship to the electrode-blade at the end of the instrument facilitates the scraping off and cleaning of the blade-electrode as i ...

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A page selection device for a videotext system in which the incoming data are arranged in blocks comprising a data group following a prefix, some of the blocks having within said group specific codes called page headers, a page comprising the data between a page header and an end of page code, the p ...