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The invention concerns an intervertebral disc prosthesis intended to replace a natural intervertebral disc and to restore the normal intervertebral spacing without complete loss of flexibility of the spinal joint. The prosthesis (10) comprises a body of biologically-acceptable material suitably dime ...


A label printer. Teraoka Seikosho, December 23, 1981: GB2077970-A (56 worldwide citation)

A label printer prints article name together with required data such as weight, rate, price to a label adhered to products or only the article name. Improvement is seen in input means of article name, display means, date setting means for example preparation date, check means of print head, label po ...

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Unglycosylated human fibroblast and leucocyte interferons are disclosed together with fused genes coding therefor.

Synthesising a polysilane. Nat Res Dev, December 23, 1981: GB2077710-A (36 worldwide citation)

A polysilane of formula -(-SiHn-)-x where n is 1 or 2 and x is large (10, 20 or more) may be a precursor of amorphous silicon films and is synthesised by treating SiHmX4-m, where m is 1, 2 or 3 and X is halogen, preferably SiH2C12 or SiHC13, with lithium suspended in a liquid inert to the reagents a ...

Serravallo Fred Albert: Fibrous collagenous hemostatic-adhesive web and method for its preparation.. Avicon, December 23, 1981: EP0042253-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

A fibrous, velvet-like, non-woven web having hemostatic and adhesive properties adapted to seal a wound comprising fibers of collagen or an ionizable, water-insoluble, partial salt of collagen. The web is formed by slurrying the fibers, which have hemostatic and adhesive properties, in an aqueous li ...

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Primäre Amine und/oder Diamine aus Oxoverbindungen, Ammoniak und Wasserstoff lassen sich mit höherer Ausbeute als nach den bekannten Verfahren herstellen, wenn man die Oxoverbindungen vor der hydrierenden Amminierung einer Vorreaktion mit Ammoniak in Gegenwart von Iminbildungskatalysatoren unterwirf ...

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A ceramic honeycomb filter, suitable for removing fine particles contained in exhaust gases of internal combustion engines and the like, is formed of a ceramic honeycomb body (1) having a plurality of channels (2) extending from one end face (4) to another end face (4 min ) of the body and sealing m ...

Gomi Yoshifumi, Morita Yoshihisa, Matsuzawa Masanao, Ikeda Yoshito: A wire dot printer.. Epson, Suwa Seikosha, December 23, 1981: EP0042293-A2 (22 worldwide citation)

A wire dot printer having a print head using a fluid ink, in which printing is carried out with the ink adhering to end faces (51a) at the end portions of printing wires (51) for direct transfer of said adhering ink to a record medium (13) upon impact therewith, the printer comprising wire guide mea ...