Thomas A Osborne: Tear apart cannula. Cook, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, December 22, 1981: US04306562 (302 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a flexible cannula comprising material which tears readily in a longitudinal direction and can thus be easily removed by pulling tabs on opposite sides of the cannula apart after the catheter or other device has been inserted into the body.

Larry S Matthews: Counter rotating biopsy needle. Sherman & Shalloway, December 22, 1981: US04306570 (273 worldwide citation)

An universally applicable biopsy needle includes two counter-rotating tubes having oppositely facing sawteeth formed on the distal ends thereof. A gear system transmits a driving force to the tubes, causing the counter-rotation which permits the sawteeth to act in a sawing manner for penetration of ...

R Michael Boyd, Dennis D Fischer, Alan E Humphrey, S Bruce King, David L Whitman: Method for in situ coal gasification operations. Roland H Shubert, December 22, 1981: US04306621 (229 worldwide citation)

An in situ coal gasification process adapted for large scale commercial projects is provided. Techniques are provided to insure establishment of a gasification front over the full seam thickness as each successive injection well in the array is brought on line. This is accomplished by controlling th ...

Keith J Egging: Creation of multiplanular images. Taito America Corporation, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, December 22, 1981: US04306768 (221 worldwide citation)

A multiplanular image creating device includes a housing having a viewing port and primary and secondary image generation chambers therein. The primary chamber is divided into a plurality of cells, each of which contains an image source such as a portion of a video display tube surface or an actual ...

Gunpei Yokoi: Self-propelled cleaning device with wireless remote-control. Nintendo, Bierman & Bierman, December 22, 1981: US04306329 (213 worldwide citation)

A self-propelled cleaning device with wireless remote control includes a body, a driving device on the body for moving the same rotatably about its axis or in a straight line along the underlying ground surface, and a vacuum cleaning device carried on the body with its suction port open to the under ...

Hiroshi Mano, Toshisaburo Oga: Tubular organic prosthesis. Sumitomo Electric, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, December 22, 1981: US04306318 (152 worldwide citation)

A tubular organic prosthesis comprising a porous tubing of polytetrafluoroethylene and elastic fibers provided helically on its outside surface.

Salvatore R Provanzano, Wilbert H Aldrich, Robert A D Angelo, Emil P Drottar, John J Finnegan Jr, James Heom, Lawrence W Hill, Ronald D Malcolm, Michael C Nollet, Baruch S Perlman, Michael B Tressler, John E VanSchalkwyk, Kincade N Webb: Programmable controller. Gould, Mattern Ware Stoltz & Fressola, December 22, 1981: US04307447 (146 worldwide citation)

An improved programmable controller having the ability to use two different data bases while presenting to the outside world a uniform word size. The programmable controller includes pipeline processing and hardware solution of a user control program in a network node format. A memory management sch ...

Luis de Medinaceli: Holding apparatus for repairing severed nerves and method of using the same. Ocean Trading, Mattern Ware Davis and Stoltz, December 22, 1981: US04306561 (135 worldwide citation)

By circumferentially embracing both the proximal and distal portions of a severed nerve at positions removed from the severed ends and controllably moving the severed portions into abutting, juxtaposed contacting relationship, the reattachment and repair of severed nerves is achieved. Preferably, bo ...

Robert S Barton, Becky J Clark: Digital communication networks employing speed independent switches. Burroughs Corporation, Mervyn L Young, Kevin R Peterson, December 22, 1981: US04307446 (130 worldwide citation)

An assemblage of digital devices, each having serial asynchronous input and output channels, can be connected via networks of speed independent arbiter and selector switches. Certain classes of networks have desirable properties: distributed control of routing, conflict resolution, automatic identif ...

Gary H Meitner: Microfiber oil and water pipe. Kimberly Clark Corporation, William D Herrick, Raymond J Miller, Howard Olevsky, December 22, 1981: US04307143 (127 worldwide citation)

Low cost wiper material for industrial and other applications having improved water and oil wiping properties. A base material of meltblown synthetic, thermoplastic microfibers is treated with a wetting agent and may be pattern bonded in a configuration to provide strength and abrasion resistance pr ...