Los Marinus: Substituted imidazolinyl nicotine acids, esters and salts and use thereof as herbicidal agents.. American Cyanamid Co, December 16, 1981: EP0041623-A2 (71 worldwide citation)

There are provided novel 2-(2-imidazolin-2-yl)pyridine and quinoline compounds, a process and intermediate compounds for the preparation thereof, and a method for controlling a wide variety of annual and perennial plant species therewith.

Sehgal Surendra Nath, Baker Harold Arthur, Sidorowicz Anne Marie, Vezina Claude: Injectable composition of rapamycin.. Ayerst Mckenna & Harrison, December 16, 1981: EP0041795-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

Described is an injectable composition comprising rapamycin and a nonionic surfactant selected from polyoxyethylated fatty acids, polyoxyethylated fatty alcohols or polyoxyethylated glycerine hydroxy fatty acid esters and a method of preparing said compositions. The composition provides enhanced blo ...

Determining at least two parameters of a patients respiratory system. Draegerwerk, December 16, 1981: GB2077444-A (49 worldwide citation)

The outputs of a pressure sensor (5), a flow sensor (2) and a volume determining device (3), which may determine the volume by integrating the flow rate with respect to time, are connected to a monitoring unit (7) which in turn is connected to a calculating unit (6), and optionally to a storage unit ...


Fiers Walter Charles, Remaut Erik Rene: Improved vectors and methods for making such vectors and for expressing cloned genes.. Biogen, December 16, 1981: EP0041767-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

Improved vectors and methods for expressing cloned genes of prokaryotic or eukaryotic origin and methods of making such vectors are disclosed, the improved vectors comprising promoters and operators from lambda phages and preferably do not include an active cro gene or an active N gene, the vectors ...

Faye Andre: Method and device to establish bidirectional and/or multidirectional communications between different persons grouped in different geographically distant locations connected to each other by telephone lines.. Faye Andre, December 16, 1981: EP0041902-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

Le procédé permet de transmettre simultanément, par un multiplexage spatial approprié, des signaux de paroles, des signaux de messages et des signaux de signalisation entre au moins deux stations (ST1, ST2) reliées entre elles par une liaison spécialisée (50). Chaque station comprend au moins une un ...

Ezzell Bobby Ray, Carl William Paul, Mod William August: Preparation of fluorinated acid fluorides. Dow Chemical, December 16, 1981: EP0041739-A2 (36 worldwide citation)

A method for preparing compounds of the formula which comprises reactions compounds of the formula with compounds of the formula for a sufficient time and sufficient temperature to form said compound: where a is 0 or an integer greater than 0; b is 0 or an integer greater than 0; n = 0 or an integer ...

Electronic tally apparatus. Standard Telephones Cables, December 16, 1981: GB2077555-A (34 worldwide citation)

An electronic tallying apparatus in which a radio frequency transmitter (10) broadcasts an interrogation signal comprising a sequence of equally spaced r.f. pulses. Transponders (12) receiving the interrogation pulses count (17) said pulses and when the count reaches a value unique to a transponder ...