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Disclosure is made of a surgical instrument, comprising a supporting body with a replaceable die, a magazine with staples, a carriage-holder, a staple ejector, a carriage-holder mechanical actuator, and a staple ejector mechanical actuator.

Bohdan Zakiewicz: Oil recovery method and apparatus. Oil Trieval Corporation, Kanz & Timmons, December 15, 1981: US04305463 (302 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are systems for removing hydrocarbons from subterranean deposits thereof. A fluid-impervious barrier screen is formed to isolate parts of the deposit or to isolate the deposit from adjacent fluid-permeable earth formations. The barrier screens are formed by fracturing a vertical zone in th ...

Jefferson J Katims: Method for transcutaneous electrical stimulation. Karl W Flocks, December 15, 1981: US04305402 (246 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for monitoring and obtaining actual bio-electrical characteristics of a subject, such as EEG, or determinants of the psycho-electro-physiological state of the subject, under predetermined conditions of evoked response stimuli, and by interaction with a computer, apply cutaneou ...

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The architecture of a conventional digital computer, for example, a microprocessor, is modified by interposing a multiplexer (31), a logic array (32) and a demultiplexer (33) between the instruction register (17) and instruction decoder (18). The logic array "scrambles" the bits in each instruction ...

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A hardware logic simulation machine comprised of an array of specially designed parallel processors, with there being no theoretical limit to the number of processors which may be assembled into the array. Each processor executes a logic simulation function wherein the logic subnetwork simulated by ...

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A PCM (pulse code modulation) signal transmission system processes sequentially transferred digital information words including two error correcting words consisting of a parity code word and a b-adjacent code word and adds them to the digital information words, time-interleaves each of the informat ...

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A liquid jet recording device is provided with a cleaning protective means for cleaning and protecting the orifice. This means is provided at a reset position lying at one end of the scanning shaft of the device.

Sven O Coomer: Orthotically dynamic footwear. William H Maxwell, December 15, 1981: US04305212 (119 worldwide citation)

A shoe incorporating dynamic Orthotic means which adapt to the foot in a prescribed manner, controlling heel "strike" and weight bearing loads, establishing a cup-shape to "catch" the heel and foot to stabilize it, balancing and maintaining the sub-talar joint in a neutral attitude and the mid-tarsa ...

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In a television receiver adapted for the display of a normal television picture and/or message information in which both separated synchronizing signals and locally derived synchronizing signals are available, the selective use of one or the other of these two forms of synchronizing signals, having ...

Charles J Bertuch Jr: Acetabular cup positioning instrument. Walter F Wessendorf Jr, December 15, 1981: US04305394 (114 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an acetabular prosthetic cup positioning instrument for use in positioning such cup during total hip surgery. The acetabular cup has a convex outer portion that is disposed in the patient's reamed and prepared acetabulum, the cup has an inner cavity and the cup has a rearward-most porti ...